Sunday, August 16, 2015

Anyone still reading this?!

We haven't posted in... 3 YEARS?!

We've been busy with University (we both graduated! YAY!) and work, so please excuse us. :)

Despite every thing that has been going on, our love for nail polish has continued to grow and both our collections are overflowing! We have W-A-Y too many!

I have been looking to destash, so if anyone is still reading this and is interested in what I may have to sell, please comment and let me know! (I have been taking good care of all my bottles, storing them properly, so I wouldn't sell anything that is dried up. Just need more space to buy new colours! *wink wink*)

I am currently sorting through everything I own; if there is enough interest, I will create a "FOR SALE" post shortly!


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