Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Best Korean BBQ in Montreal!

Hello everybody!!
Sorry again! I have stopped blogging for a while. I have been overwhelming with the many jobs I have.. but here I am!

Today, I present to you, the best Korean BBQ in Montreal (in my opinion). The name of the restaurant is Chez Hwang. Hwang is a family name. In French, Chez Hwang means at Hwang's house. The restaurant is nothing fancy, but the food is very authentic. Delicious!

The following is an authentic Korean entree. Spicy rice cake. This one is served with seafood. At Chez Hwang, you find those thick potato noodles (called japchae, it is a famous Korean ingredient) in this plat. This day, I brought a friend who does not love spicy dishes. We still ordered the spicy rice cake and she liked it!
This is the famous jap chae, Korean thick noodles.
This is the yummy rice cake. I love the texture!Now comes the star of the restaurant, Korean BBQ! Like many other Korean restaurants, you need to order two plates of BBQ if you want to BBQ at the table. We chose kalbi (marinated ribs) and bulgogi (marinated beef). It was absolutely succulent!! Both my friend and I find it is the best Korean BBQ we have tasted in Montreal so far. Trust me, I have been addicted to Korean BBQ since the beginning of Summer, so I have tried quite a few restaurants! Chez Hwang is really the best for BBQ!!

Does this make you hungry? d=
Koreans eat BBQ with lettuce. They use vegetables to wrap the meat and a paste. Yummmmmmy!
A miso soup is included when you order the BBQ. Side dishes such as kimchi and other marinated veggies are offered. They are both not exceptionnal, but the kalbi and bulgogi will make you forget the bad soup and the so-so side dishes! hahaha

I highly highly recommend Chez Hwang for the Korean BBQ!

Chez Hwang
5545 Chemin Upper Lachine
Montréal, QC
(514) 484-5263

Monday, July 18, 2011


I am back everyone!! So sorry for the lack of posts. I can't believe I haven't blogged anything for almost a month!!

Very briefly, besides my current part-time job, I also started my summer job, which is teaching mathematics to children at a Chinese school for their "summer camp". Yes, asians are very intense sometimes.. At the summer camp, children have math, English, Chinese, French classes...A good thing is that we do not give tests and homework, so the children can relax a little during summer. They also have some fun classes, like arts, martial arts, dance, etc. I personally think it is a very nice camp for the children for they can still learn but in a more fun and stress-free way. =) I absolutely love my job there! Kids can be very very loud and naughty sometimes, but they are sooo cute and it is sooo funny just watching and talking with them. I never imagined I would have so much fun with them heheheh

Now, back to nail polishes, I went to Katie Nail Salon for the manicure and pedicure deluxe coupon I bought from Teambuy. It was a big disappointment! The discount in the price made a huge difference in the quality of service provided. Some might say that it is "normal" that if the salon charges customers less, the service will be of lower quality. I do not agree at all. If they are not happy with the price we pay, they should just not engage in these agreements with Teambuy and other sites to offer disounts for consumers. If quality goes with the price, then why offer discounts??!

For my mani colour, I chose Essie Sugar Daddy. It is very sheer. I think 2 more coats would have been a lot better. The next day, I decided to paint OPI Stranger Tides over this Sugar Daddy, because seriously, I don't see trace of nail polish here!
As for my feet, I chose OPI Lucky Lavender. I love the colour. I am actually thinking of getting a bottle for myself d=
Lastly, the below picture shows my feet before having the pedicure. Do you think they look better here? hahahah According to what they say, the package I bought includes a reflexology treatment, cooling mask, exfoliation, etc. I really did not feel I enjoyed much of it, and they probably skipped a lot of the treatments. Is it possible that the whole mani and pedi DELUXE, including drying time, took roughly 1 hour??
Katie Salon is situated on Queen Mary. The salon looks very nice but I will NEVER go back! It was really not worth it. For the first time in my life, I didn't tip them for the quality was so incredibly poor.

Miss K