Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hwang Kum

Hi all!

I have taken advantage of my summer vacations to try out many restaurants. I believe that after Chez Hwang, I discovered another one of the best Korean restaurants in Montreal. This one is called Hwang Kum. The place is a lot smaller than Chez Hwang but the food is just as succulent!
Hwang Kum serves 5 side dishes. The radish cubes and bean sprouts taste rather ordinary. The cucumber tastes sweet. The one I like the most is the marinated potatoes and the kimchi comes with a pair of scissors and you get the cut the spicy cabbage. It's a small detail but it makes the restaurant more unique!
One of the popular dish at Hwang Kum must be the seafood pancake. The first time I went there, every single table ordered it. The pancake smells amazing and it tastes just as good! They don't use a lot of flour to make up the "emptiness" of the pancake, and instead, they put a lot of shredded carrots and cucumber to make it more filling. Trust me, the pancake is crispy and fluffy!! It is definitely the best Korean seafood pancake I have had!
The yummy sauce that comes with the seafood pancake. Although it looks spicy, it is not at all. It is slightly salty and sour.
Does it look delicious?
This is the spicy soft tofu soup. The tofu is ultra soft, so soft that you will forget you are eating! The only drawback is that there is solely tofu in the tofu soup, while you usually have seafood or pork served in this soup in other restaurants. The broth is also more spicy and not very "sweet".
Spicy chicken is fabulous! The meat is very tender and is not too spicy. It also came in big portion. I usually do not order chicken when comes the time for Korean meals because it is not very classic "Korean". But this one is so delicious! It is to be mentioned that this spiciness is not the same as the spiciness of the spicy tofu soup. This chicken is not very spicy and you taste a certain sweetness. I highly recommend it.
Spicy octopus served with noodles. One of my favourite at Hwang Kum. The sauce is so soo soooo succulent! There is not a lot of octopus, but the combination of the vegetables and the sauce served with the noodles is so perfect. It looks small in my picture but it is supposed to be a dish for 2 people, and you cannot order the 1 person portion. Priced at $29, it is a specialty of Hwang Kum that you should not miss!

Hwang Kum
5908 Sherbrooke Ouest
Montreal, Quebec,
H4A 1X7
(514) 487-1712