Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Gonzales Piano Talk Show

As I have mentioned, I recently attended Gonzales' show, Piano Talk Show.
It was really cool. It was in a small venue/room, in ExCentris, to be exact. Very intimate.

Throughout the show, Gonzales invited 3 local artists, Rich Lee (was in Star Académie); So Called (I think that's how it's written) and Katie Moore, my favorite!
He invited them on to sing and play piano with him. I guess the "talk show" aspect of it was that he would, either before singing a song with them or after, talk and joke with them. It was really fun to see how artists interacted with each other. I mean I know most of it was planned, but it was still really cool. I also like the fact that he chose local artists which means that every show is different, depending on where he is performing.

Anyways, Katie Moore was really brilliant. I just love to listen to her sing. She actually sang on one of my favorite artist, Patrick Watson, latest album. She also performed with him at the Montreal Jazz Festival.

The night (the show started at 10.30 pm) was great except for the two girls sitting right in front of our table. I mean.... you're at a concert, there are people around you! Stop talking!!!! stop moving!!! Seriously, I don't think I've ever been this annoyed at a concert. They kept talking to each other and at one point, one of them was "rearranging" her hair, I guess and just didn't put her arms down. She was blocking everybody's view! god....

To leave on a positive note, I really liked the show. Oh, I forgot to say that it was reallllllyy funny! I loved that there was interaction between Gonzales and the crowd. He made us sing along with him for a song, which was really cool! His piano solo works are truly beautiful and his rapping is... hilarious. I'd say it's pretty similar to Flight of the Conchords.

As promised,

Here's my mani for the Gonzales concert and the last four days. YES! FOUR! OMG Scandalous!

Dior's Porcelain/Porcelaine can be described as a pinkish porcelain color with white silverish shimmer. It's really cute and pretty. I believe it was from their Spring 2009 collection.

See the shimmer:

Iz loaded.....

Who is loaded, you ask? We'll me! Not only am I loaded with school assignments, but loaded with NAIL POLISHES!!!!

I didn't even think about writing a post today because of the mountain of homework I have to do, but when I came home to this package, I just had to share the good news!!!

As you may or may not know, Rescue Beauty Lounge recently teamed up with 3 beautiful bloggers (The Polish Addict, All Lacquered Up and Scrangie) to create 3 new amazing colors.

This is what I came home to, and more!

Here are the 3 blogger polishes:

From left to right: Scrangie, Orbis Non Sufficit and Mismas

and the more:

Frugalista and Bruised.

and because it deserves a close up, here's Scrangie!!

Pretty, huh??

Oh yeah this pretty much put me in a good mood, despite the fact that it disgusting outside and I have to do statistics homework. Ew.

I can't promise swatches soon, but I'll definitely be wearing these gorgeous colors the next few days.. or weeks, so I'll try to take pictures!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Eeeww bad bad bad..

Something bad happened today, guys.

I decided to cut my nails.... and I wanted to shape them differently, more rounded. I guess I shouldn't have touched them because not it's awful!!!! OMG I spend all morning file them to try to make them look nice... I guess next time, I'll just keep it straight. Never ever ever will I reshape my nails in the morning ever again.

In other news, I am going to go see Gonzales tonight with my sister and her friends. Yay! He's really something.

I'll take pics and videos!

Also, my mani color came from another package that came in this week, it's Dior's Porcelain, a beautiful shimmery pinkish beige. I'll take a picture tomorrow if it's nice outside!

Have fun!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Finally, we can celebrate!

The other package I've been expecting was my swap package from a great gal from MUA.

I got Lippmann Collection's 10th Anniversary Set! Hooray!!!

The polishes are:
Superstar, a brown based glitter polish;
Funky chunky, black nail polish filled with hexagonal glitters (can't wait to try this on!;);
and Ruby Red Slippers, sheer black-based polish filled with red glitters and hexagonal glitters too!!!!!!!!!!!

I seriously cannot wait to try these polishes on. Especially Funky Chunky and Ruby Red Slippers. Superstar, I have tried on before and it just wasn't for me, unfortunately.

I will be swatching these soon, hopefully. I have been buried in assignments and group meeting for school. Sorry!

(MAC swatches will be coming soon too!)

Monday, September 21, 2009


There's so much homework in University! I'm not used to this. In Cegep/college, I could slack off and still have a good grade... now, NOOOOO!!!! Almost everything is in group (I'm in marketing so "team work and communication is key to success...") and I don't want to let my teammates down... I'm having a hard time keeping up with all the assignments, reports and presentations, especially when there's at least 2 due every week.

Also, I do not like nor do I understand accounting.

Anyways. I had China Glaze's Gussied Up Green on my nails today and I did take some pictures, but they did not turn out great. We can really see the color and it's blurry. I guess today wasn't my day...

I've taken it off before looking at the pics... so I guess I'll have to put it back on another day :)

Good Night!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Shine On You Crazy Diamond...

Ah... you gotta love some Pink Floyd

I've had these swatches for a while now. Both polishes I'm going to show you are pretty similar and both remind me of this song, so I've decided to put them in one single post. Enjoy!

First one is OPI DS Coronation, a silver-based holo

This was 3 coats, picture taken in sunlight. Beautiful, ain't it?

Taken in shade

Next up, OPI DS Shimmer

Taken in sunlight, 2 coats

Like most other polishes from the Designer Series, these two are holos. DS Coronation is a silver-based holo while DS Shimmer is a clear-based holo. Application of both were great and the formula was very smooth. I don't think DS Coronation is as coveted as DS Glamour or DS Fantasy (to name a few) so they are less hard to find.

I personally prefer DS Coronation to DS Shimmer, since it is more "opaque". Shimmer is sheer which would be great for layering. I've tried Shimmer with 3 coats and the result was similar to the 2 coats picture. Also, in the bottle, it seems like there are little silver flakes in Coronation, which I find so pretty. It's definitely pretty not only on the nails but also in the bottle :)

Enlarge pictures to see holo effect!

That's all I have for now! Enjoy the rest of the week!

Amour Rain Glitter

Yesterday, we celebrated my sister's 21st birthday!! Woo hoo! She's getting so old!!!

For the occasion, I wanted something festive, so I chose Amour's Rain Glitter. As the name says, it's glitter; which means A PAIN IN THE A$$ TO REMOVE! Holy moly. I totally did not think about this, especially when I'm out of acetone. Took me a good 30 minutes of heavy "scrubbing" to get it all out.

Advice for the future: I've heard that putting a coat of clear nail polish or top coat in between coats of glitter nail polish makes removal easier.

Anyways, back to Rain Glitter. Clear nail polish filled with multicolor glitter! It's like packed with glitter. Seriously. This was 2 coats:

Everytime I put on glitter nail polish, I swear I will never do it again because getting it off is such a hassle, but they're so pretty! I only have 4 right now, but they're so fun and sparkly!

Enjoy your week!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

China Glaze Let's Groove

As promised, here are some pictures of my mani for the KoL concert

Both pictures were taken with flash.

The nail polish is Let's Groove from China Glaze's Retro Diva collection.

For the show, I wanted something sexy but still rockish (like Kings of Leon music) and from my box of untrieds, I picked this one and think it was perfect!
A gorgeous rich and warm dark purple shimmer. There are a few red and blue little glitters that you can see in the pictures.

I have never had a difficulty with China Glaze (knock on wood) so application for this one was perfect: smooth, no pulling, not too thick, not too thin.

I had to take these pictures with flash or else, the colour is just not right. I know purples are supposed to be hard to capture but in natural and sun light, it turned out blue....

Anyways, you can get these from: 8ty8beauty.com; Head2ToeBeauty.com (ships China Glaze to US only though) and from TransDesign.com

"I don't want to be an asshole but..."

Like I told you in the last post, I went to Kings of Leon's concert in Montreal.
They played in front of some 8,500 people (that includes my cousin and I) and it was GREAT!

They came on stage with Lacrimosa from Mozart's Requiem playing, which I though was super cool. Then they jumped right into Closer, from their newest CD Only by the Night. I couldn't have asked for anything better: Closer is MY song. I LOVE it. So dark and sexy, lol. The Followill brothers and their cousin followed it by playing Crawl, another from their newest album.

Despite the good performances, I have to say that the show didn't start off with a bang. Don't get me wrong, it was great, but the first few songs didn't get all of the crowd on their feet-and it didn't go unnoticed. After the fourth song, Caleb, the singer, called the people who were still sitting out (yes, I admit, I was one of them) by saying: "I don't want to be an asshole, but I have never spent a whole night at a concert sitting" - or something like that. Needless to say that everybody was on their feet after that.

After that, it was singing, cheering, clapping, and pot smoking (not by me, though).

They mostly played songs from their most recent albums Only by the Night and Because of the Times; and only a few from their previous 2 cds.

Sex on Fire was THE song of the night and really got everybody singing. It was amazing! I started to record a video but had to give the camera to my cousin because I wanted to sing and move along to the song.

In the middle of the show, Caleb gave a speech about those who had talked shit about the band because they "went mainstream" and basically told them to "kiss my ass". He said that they have been, are and always will be Kings of Leon. Love it!

During the 4-song encore (and before Use Somebody), he gave another mini speech, saying a big "F- you" to all those people in the front row (he actually referred to them using a bad bad word starting with M) who jsut sat, talked and laughed during the show.

Kings of Leon definitely gave us Montrealers a great rock show. The play of lights (?, in French: jeu de lumières)was amazing, too! I wish they could have "talked" to us more but I can't complain much, because they sounded soooo great live.

I'm so glad I went to the show, despite that it was on a Wednesday night and I had school at 8h30am the next day.

Anyways, to finish off, here are a few more pics that I was able to take between all the clapping, cheering, jumping and singing.

If you ever get the chance to see them live, don't miss it!!!! You won't regret it!

Also, here's a link to my video of Sex on Fire from last night's show

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Hey, party people!


I don't have much time now, but tonight, I'm going to Kings of Leon's concert at the Centre Bell!!! Woohoo so excited!! I will try to take pictures and will write a review on the show when I can. I will also show you my mani!! Yay!

Glasvegas is the first act :)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sephora by OPI Mattes

Hi guys! Hope you're having a fun weekend!
Last month, I got the Sephora by OPI matte nail polishes. I guess they're following OPI's direction and "reissued" some colors. I believe all three are from $OPI's core line but I might be wrong...

Metro Chich Matte - "matte dark smoke with a hint of purple". The original one was a hit amongst nail polish fanatics. I don't own the original one but I believe matte is lightly (at least from the pictures I've seen)

Domestic Goddess Matte is probably my favorite out of all three. "matte bright grape" as described on Sephora's website. It really pretty. I love purple polishes and this one was no exception.

What's a Tire Jack? Matte is a very matte black. There's no other way to describe it. I also love this one. My 2nd favorite, I guess. It's a true black and true matte.

Application with these were fairly good. They all took 2-3 coats. They didn't dry as fast as the Matte OPIs but still in decent time. The formula was not too thick compared to other matte. I swatched these very quickly but if I had been more careful with my application, there would not have been those bumps and dents on my nails. Please excuse them :)

I really like the matte finish of these $OPI. It's not as chalky as the OPI mattes, which is a good thing. They look... matte. That's all.

Similar to other mattes, they recommend to not use it with base coat, top coat or hand lotion. But you guys can totally ignore that (except the top coat part if you want it to be matte, duh). I used it with base coat and it was fine. As long as the base is dried before you apply color. As for the hand lotion, it'll make the finish more satiny but it won't be glossy.

You can get these three polishes from Sephora's website for $9 US or $12 CAD. They are also sold in stores now. These are limited edition so get them while you can!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

NOTD: OPI DS Mystery

Hey guys! Just finished my second week at U and I'm filled with homework already!!!!
But otherwise, I like my teachers (have my favorites already), met some very nice people and love that shops are so close-by! Haha

Anyways, today, I had one of OPI's newest from the Designer Series. It's called DS Mystery.
It is truly beautiful. It's base is a deep dark purple. It almost looks black in some light, but you can definitely tell in sunlight that there are some purple in there! Not a lot but still.... It's filled with tiny tiny gold flakes. Unlike the other DS, Mystery is not a holo but more glittery.

Do you see the purple?!?!?!?! I assure you that it's there...

This is in the shade so that you can see the glitters (click to enlarge picture). I love it.

Overall, I liked this polish, although I would have liked it to have more of the purple, because I loooove purple nail polish! Application was good. This was 2 coats. There is a little texture because of the glitters but a good coat of top coat smoothes it all out!

I think that's it for today.. gotta do some research on Canadian Tire for accounting... eurk.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Eyeko Polishes

Hello there!

I have been wanting to swatch MAC'S new collection (the 3 that I have) but I didn't have time...yet. BUT!!

Look what came in the mail today!!

Yes, yes, yes! My first and new Eyeko polishes! They are super cute! The bottles are so small and adorable!
I was so excited when I got home to this that I didn't even take the time to peel the plastic thing off!
Anyways, I got: Disco polish (for nightime nails); Vamp polish (for nasty nails) and Saucy Red polish (for naughty nails). I cannot wait to try them on!

Now for the cuteness:

See what I mean?!?!?!

Eyeko has 3 other colors: Pretty Polish (for neat nail); Pastel Polish (for nice nails) and Punk Polish (for neon nails).

These polishes can be bought on Eyeko's website for £3 each or $5.50 US... and FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING! They also have other cute makeup products so check it out!

No swatches from me yet, but Scrangie has some here

Friday, September 4, 2009

OPI Suede Collection Fall 2009

Ok guys,

I spend my day swatching OPI's Suede Collection.. honestly, I don't think I will ever swatch 6 bottles of nail polish ever again! You'll probably see in the pictures where I got tired of it -- application was pretty sloppy and I didn't even bother putting oil on my cuticles.... Sorry! As much as I love polish, 6=too much!!!!
Also, I promise my cuticles don't look as bad in real life :) (That's why I posted small pictures but feel free to click to see some huge a** pics).

On to the collection. This collection is made of six classic OPI shades in a suede finish which means that it's not as matte as the Mattes. More like satiny. Application was wonderful. The formula was smooth and it didn't dry as quickly as the OPI mattes which means that it's more forgiving.

They say you can't use basecoat with these but just ignore that. As long as your basecoat is dry before applying the Suedes, it'll be fine.

Ok let's start. (enlarge pictures to see shimmer in these)

You Don't Know Jacques Suede. The original came out in the France Collection last year. There is also a matte version that was released recently. None of them look-a-like. I don't have the matte version but do have the original. Here's a comparison:

From left to right: YDKJ, YDKJ with Essie Matte Top Coat, YDKJ Suede and YDKJ suede with top coat.

Next up is Lincoln Park After Dark Suede, originally from Chicago Collection. This looks nothing like the original, but it's still gorgeous! Purple with a lot of shimmer

LPAD, LPAD with Essie Matte TC, LPAD suede and LPAD suede with top coat.

Suzi Skies in the Pyrenees Suede, originally from Spain Collection. Very pretty. The original was supposed to be a dark smoky blue but in Suede, it's more charcoal grey.

Here: SSITP suede with top coat, SSITP suede, SSITP with Essie Matte TC, SSITP

We'll Always Have Paris Suede, also originally from the France collection. Pinkish purple with a lot of shimmer! Love this one.

On index and ring finger is WAHP Suede with top coat.

Next is where things got ugly--application and cuticle wise. Prepare yourselves.

OPI Ink Suede. Originally from Night Brights Collection. This is more purple in real life.

On index and ring fingers: Ink suede with top coat.

Last, is Russian Navy Suede. The original was from Russian Collection. Beautiful blue shimmer. A lot less dark than the matte, and more blue too.

from left to right: RN Suede with top coat, RN Suede, RN Matte with top coat and RN matte.

Most of these are nothing like their other versions. Overall, I really liked these-very pretty. Also, the Suedes with top coat is even more gorgeous. The shimmer you see with the suede finish is pretty good but with TC, Hello, Sparkle!
The shades are very nice but since they're so different than the originals, I would have preferred another name... It's getting kinda confusing Russian Navy, Russian Navy matte, Russian Navy Suede... Too many with the same name. That is propably my only problem/complain about this collection.

These are available now in most beauty store or from TransDesign!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Essie Fall Collection

Hello, there!

Essie has finally released their fall collection!

The colors are (in Essie's words):

Chinchilly, a granite gray;
Angora Cardi, a deep dusty rose;
Mink Muffs, a smoky plush taupe;
Midnight Cami, shimmering twilight blue;
Bright Tights, electric orange burst (NEON!!!) and
Pink Parka, piping hot pink.

Two neons, guys!! For fall!! So cool!

Anyways, I am definitely getting (and I am basing this on the color on the picture) Angora Cardi, Chinchilly and Pink Parka!!
What do you think about these (,Kelly?)

You can get them here or from etailers!


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

First Day of + Mega haul

I just had my first day of classes at McGill University today and even though I only had 2 classes, it wasn’t half bad. The teachers were funny and the other students seem cool! I say seem because I didn’t actually talk to many of them... My shyness is definitely something I have to get over someday if I want to succeed in marketing. Someday, I said.
I kinda felt weird and lonely, somehow. It doesn’t normally bother me, but today, I was ready to meet new people and super excited to start at McGill... I found myself sitting and looking at the teacher who was talking on the telephone and trying to figure out how the projector worked while people around me introduced themselves to each other. I mean, I wasn’t the only one not presenting myself to a future friend but I felt trapped (in my little lonely Asian bubble).
Anyways, back to school is never easy... so since I finished early today, I decided to stop by the mall and pass by Trade Secrets.. What for? Well, well, surprise, surprise, NAIL POLISH! To comfort myself (wink) I decided do a mega nail polish haul. Okay... it was more an impulse buy but I doubt I’ll regret it. The more (polishes added to my stash) the merrier! I think that’s how the saying goes, right?
Here’s what I got:

The complete Suede collection, one from the Designer Series and two from the Spain Collection

The complete Suede collection (from l-r) : Russian Navy, Suzi Skies in the Pyrenees, We'll Always have Paris, Lincoln Park After Dark, Ink and You Don't Know Jacques!
Here's a closer look:

Left to right: Suzi Skies in the Pyrenees, Ink, Russian Navy

We'll Always Have Paris, You Don't Know Jacques, Lincoln Park After Dark

Pamplona Purple, Can You Tapas This?, DS Mystery

Also, the previous day, I met up with my cousin before she left with her boyfriend for a 7 months-around-the-world-backpack-trip (I really gonna miss her) and had already bought 3 MAC polishes from the new collection.

Dance All Night, Beyond Jealous and Cool Reserve

Ouch! Wallet’s gonna hurt! I really need to find a job ASAP!
Swatches to come on Friday! :)
Have a fun week!