Monday, January 31, 2011

OPI What's With the Cattitude?

I'm back!
Who knew school could be so hectic so soon?! It feels like I just started yesterday, yet midterm is next week already! Time flies!

I took a little small from MAC polishes and wore OPI What's With The Cattitude from the Shrek Collection for more than a week (last week), and received lots of compliments! Made me so happy! :)

What's With The Cattitude is a soft blue creme. Cute and beautiful - perfect for spring/summer! I love this color because it is different than the other blues I own- Cattitude is light, pastel blue. Application was easy, 2 coats to achieve bottle color.

(Please ignore my dried cuticles... winter weather has taken a toll on them. Even hand and cuticle cream can't help it.)

Next swatch post: MAC Soirée!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Other nails-related gifts =)

I have been so jealous seeing Xuan-An's MAC gift... Last week-end, I met a friend who had been in exchange for a few months and just came back recently. Among the few little gifts she bought me, I found a few nail polishes! Yay!

Nails Inc is a brand you see everywhere in England according to my friend. As for Bourjois, I have seen the name when I was in Hong Kong..but it was a "eau de gloss". Unlike the other lip glosses, the eau de gloss is not sticky at all and i just love it! I hope the nail polish will not disappoint me!

Miss K

Monday, January 17, 2011

MAC Imperial Flower

Here's part 2 of 4 of my MAC gift!

Imperial Flower is truly gorgeous and the name suits the color too!

Orange shimmer. Reminds me of Koi fish... Very good application, although it did need 3 coats. The shimmer is so pretty! You can see in clearly on the bottle in the picture. I am a big fan of the color orange, so I loved this polish from the moment I got it out of the box!

Friday, January 14, 2011

"Ready for the wedding"

Hello readers!
I am guessing all students are back to school by now. It has been only 2 weeks that I am back to school but I am already overwhelmed by the readings and assignments.. So today's manicure is a simple one that does not require too much time to accomplish but the result can still be very nice.
As the name suggests, "Ready for the wedding" is a perfect design for brides or simply when you attend a wedding party. The base colour is a pink shimmer from PA nail polish and the tip is a ribbon sticker I bought at Pacific Mall, in Toronto. These ribbon stickers which I need to cut myself require some special attention.

1) the length of sticker you cut must be a little shorter then the width of your nail tip
2) when you put the ribbon sticker, do not stick exactly on the corner of the nails; leave a tiny space
3) before you put the top coat, encure that the sticker really stickes on the nail; it should look "flat"
If you follow all my tips, you should not see the sticker starting to get off.


Miss K

Friday, January 7, 2011

MAC Jade Dragon

Hi guys!!

Hope everybody had a good holiday break!

I just wanted to make a quick update before going out for lunch with Miss K :) It's been a while, I've missed blogging about my nails. They do not look their best right now, (I blame work) but it'll have to do for now.

My cousin gave me 4 MAC polishes for Christmas, including this one, Jade Dragon. I've already tried Imperial Power, but didn't have time snap a picture before it got all chipped. Worry not, I'll probably wear it again in a few days ;)

Getting to the goodies...

This is Jade Dragon, a beautiful green shimmer. It's a tad dark, but visibly green. The shimmer is subtle, but is oh-so nice!! I was also surprised with application. I've had some difficult MAC polishes before, but this one was great. 2 coats.

Edited to add: I will probably update this post with better pictures next time!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cute little gift =)


I just wanted to show you all a gift I received this Christmas from a very nice friend! She went to Disney World and was sweet enough to think of me heheheh a lovely necklace with the letter K =)

To match the cute necklace, I wore "Minnie on hand" again and used China Glaze Sexy Lady this time and added a silver glitter top coat. (The picture focuses on the necklace and not so much on the nails because the day I took the picture, the manicure was not as perfect anymore..) I still hope you like it!
Miss K
- xxx -

Monday, January 3, 2011

"Princess nails"

Hello readers!

Happy new year! May 2011 bring everyone success and happiness! I hope you all =)
Sorry for the lack of posts these past weeks.. I took a break from school, from everything.. even my nails a little.. I kept my "Merry Christmas!" design for a long time and got a lot of compliments! heheheh

Today, I have something different for all of you! I don't remember since when, I started to like some 3D on my nails. I looked at what I have that is "3D" and found some jewelries like rhinestones and pearls that I got from Toronto and Hong Kong. The nail polish I wore is a Sally Hansen one, with some glitter. I put 2 coats on half (mainly on tip) of my nails and topped off with those rhinestones and pearls.

So this is how I got to this design that I love!! I hope you like this style too!

Miss K