Thursday, February 24, 2011

Some change on my Orly manicure..

Since I was not very satisfied with the colour application on my nails, I decided to add a stampling to hide the imperfections. I have done this design before already, but I just like it! Does it look nicer?

Finally, I went to that open house thingy at Spa Oasis for a skin test. I brought a friend and my mom, and we all found that there was nothing impressive. The esthetician or skin specialist had a machine to look at our skin..but everything she told us was so o-b-v-i-o-u-s! I mean, I don't need anyone to tell me that eating too oily isn't good for me! And she doesn't point out anything more than what we said already. I know I have blackheads on my nose.. I mean, I told you that! What really bothered me was that lady, who kept pushing my mom to buy this and that. It was a new brand to us, so I'm sorry, I'm not willing to try all 10 products suggested to me, especially when they all cost near 100$! I would not even buy all of them even if it's my favorite brand! Another thing that I really hate is when people have to say how other brands are bad to show how good their products are. Estee Lauder is not good for anti-aging products? Shiseido is not of quality? Yeah right! Ok, I must say not everyone was like that..The majority of women there were actually very nice.. but that lady is enough for me to say NO for a next time!

Miss K

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Rescue Beauty Lounge Diddy Mow

Hey readers,

Here's another quick update. I wore RBL Diddy Mow all of last week, and absolutely loved it!

Army green creme- reminds me of camouflage! Application was easy and smooth, as with most Rescue Beauty polishes. All in all, I really liked this one! Will definitely be wearing it again!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Manicure @Spa Oasis

As I mentioned, I really couldn't stand those dead skin anymore.. so I went for a manicure to rescue my dehydrated hands!

Spa Oasis is very small when you look from the outside. But as soon as you put your feet in the store, you see it is a place for spa!! Very nice and comfortable place.. and they have 2 floors! The owner took my jacket and gave me shoes to change..almost like a high-end spa! My boyfriend came with me because we planned to go dinner right after. He came to the room for mani and pedi with us and there were nice sofa and TV for him.

The colour I picked was a sky blue from Orly. I remember the name was Rose-Coloured Glasses, but after I googled it.. isn't it a pink colour?? Anyway, I have to say that I was disappointed because application was not very impressive..I noticed that the lady didn't paint my whole nailS! I have to emphasize nailS because it is on almost every nail!! In my pictures, they are not very visible, but trust me, in real life, you do see them!! Seriously, how can this happen at a professional salon?

Nevertheless, there is still something worth recommending. The manicure was not THAT bad because she spent over an hour to remove all my bad cuticles! Usually, you soak your hands in water once..but I did 3 times yesterday! The person really took her time and I greatly appreciated that (I came mainly for this right?). She was also very friendly and sociable. As I was the last customer, she gave me a mini tour of the place and I was really amazed by what I saw behind those black doors! She also told me they have an open house this Thursday, and of course I signed up for it =) Hopefully, I will be able to take some pictures of the place and show to you all!
847 boulevard Decarie
(514) 747-1111

Monday, February 21, 2011

Lunch @ Chez Cora

Chez Cora is a very famous restaurants for breakfast in Montreal. Near the area where I live, there are two of them =) I don't know why it took me so long to try it... Plates are beautiful, ingredients are fresh and of big portion, inside the restaurants are filled of colourful decorations and you see a lot of names of those famous plates they serve. Here are some recent pictures of food from the lunch menu. The lunch set includes a coffee (and the staff keeps filling your cup!!) and a soup.

This is what my boyfriend ordered: chili wrapped in a crepe, topped with cheddar cheese, served with a bread and salad.

This is the delicious plat I had: chicken cassoulet with asparagus, potatoes, caramelized onions, served with bechamel sauce and mozarella cheese. DELICIOUS!

I highly recommend!!

McGill finally let us breathe a little.. hehehe it's my reading week! I planned several activities for this week. Today, I will be baking cookies with a friend and I really can't stand the dry skin near my fingers anymore.. right after cookies, I will head to a salon for a nice and well deserved manicure =) Pictures tomorrow!
Miss K

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Another sweet post =)

Do you guys like it? It's my valentine's gift that I received two days ago =) Love Juicy Minutes!
My nail colour on that day was a soft and mature creme pink: Essie Innocent. Do they go well with my new watch? =)

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Romantic Dinner @Raku Izakaya

Raku Izakaya is one of my top favorite restaurants. Located in Brossard, Quebec, it is small but gives you such a warm and romantic atmostphere. The owner is so friendly and service is just impeccable!

Here are (a lot of) pictures of the delicious food my boyfriend and I had last night for Valentine's Day! =)

This is a mini uni (sea urchin) bowl. Rice + seaweed + sea urchin! So far, I find Raku has the best quality uni. If you never tried this seafood, I can tell you its texture is not firm like most of the fishes and clams. I do not eat it very often because it is very expensive (hahah) and not a lot of restaurants in Montreal offer it. And if you happen to eat a not good quality/fresh uni, it has a very unpleasant fishy taste and this is why some people who were unlucky to have those as their first try don't like it (like my boyfriend..) BUT if you try a sea urchin Raku serves? ohhh you taste the sweet freshness of uni!
This one is from the surf and turf combo. It is called Hokkaido cream cake. Outside crispy and inside soft and a little sweet because there is corn.

Lobster Raku! So much more delicious than what I expected! There is some mayo, some miso.. but I can't really tell what other secret ingredients the owner used..but the combination was just fantastic!
Surf and turf: Lobster and filet mignon. Presentation is amazing isn't it?
Some sushi.. this is called Raku Love. I usually don't like fruits in my makis.. but this one is soooooooooo soooooooooooooooooooo delicious! Sashimi outside, and there were apple, mandarins which made it a little sweet but in the same time, there was I believe some spicy mayo that gave some spicyness. Needless to say that the presentation surprised me!
Scallop and tsubugai (some kind of shellfish). It is worth saying that the owner buys the fishes every one or two days and a lot of the ingredients come directly from Japan. What can I say more? Fresh!
Dessert time! My boyfriend fell in love with this one and we were then told that it is the best seller of the restaurant in the dessert menu. Sapporo ice cream.
Milk pudding topped with green tea milk and chocolate syrup I think. The owner said he is still trying to buy the famous Hokkaido milk from Japan (I can't wait!! I heard milk over there is really special and really really good). This one is made of regular milk here..but still very soft and not too sweet which I love! =)
This was my wonderful dinner last night. If you are from Montreal or one day happen to be in town and are looking for a good sushi place, Raku Izakaya is definitely the place to go! The restaurant offers many authentic Japanese food and the owner continues to add other delights in the menu.

Raku Izakaya
8080 Boulevard Taschereau
Brossard, Quebec,
J4X 1C2
(450) 671-7386

Friday, February 11, 2011

OPI Teenage Dream from Katy Perry Collection

Yesterday was such a lovely day!!! I received my valentine's day gift! =) Not only that, the OPI Katy Perry Collection finally came to my home and Teenage Dream is on my nails! As you can see, they are mini bottles which I love! Soo cute!! And I personally prefer cream colours, so a too big bottle might just be a "waste" to me. More importantly, the size makes the set cheaper! hahaha I got mine for about $17 CDN. Here are some pictures I took. This is 2 coats and the colour is slightly darker in real life. I believe 3 coats would be better but since it is a glitter nail polish..I thought of the moment I will be removing it..ahh it will take forever!! Anyway, I still love Teenage Dream for the sparkling and the pink colour suit perfectly its name, what do you think?
Now back to reality. It's time to continue reading!
Miss K

OPI Fiercely Fiona

Quick update...

You guys will have to forgive my nails and cuticles on this one.... My left hand often gets neglected... It doesn't get the same treatment as my right hand, which is why I normally don't photograph it :P
I am still trying to get my nails back to how they were a year ago.

Fiercely Fiona, a chartreuse creme. It looked different in the bottle, but turned out less green and more yellow once on the nail. Application was... not good. 5 coats to achieve coverage.

Monday, February 7, 2011

MAC Soirée

MAC Soirée is a beautiful bronze metallic frost. I really liked the formula of this one- it was soooo easy to apply. However, taking it off was kind of a pain (not as bad as glitter, that's for sure). I almost didn't want to change nail polish since the color is so pretty... but I was also dying to try the next one...

Off to study for midterm exams now... next post will be OPI Fiercely Fiona!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year!!

Since it's Chinese New Year, I decided to paint a red colour on my nails. I thought Red My Fortune Cookie from OPI's Hong Kong Collection is very appropriate for this day! It is not my first time using Red My Fortune Cookie. I've used it on my french tips, on my friend's nails..but never on my whole nails! Generally speaking, I find red is not my colour so I never wear it on my hands even though it's a classic colour. But wow! this red with a little orange shade doesn't look that bad on me, isn't it? =) It is only last night's application that I realized how good the formula of my mini OPI bottle is!! Impeccable!! This is 2 coats, but even one coat would have been sufficient.

Happy Lunar New Year!!
Miss K

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sushi Lunch @ Takara


Finally, here is the first post about food! Yummy sushi!!

This Takara restaurant is located in the heart of downtown, Montreal. Nice Japanese staff, decent decor, tatami available =) Lunch is about 20 CAD$ with tax and tips, which I believe it's reasonable for eating japanese food at nice restaurant in Montreal. Soup, salad and tea included too (I just hate those asian places where they charge for tea..).

This place has more than 20 choices in the lunch menu. If you are not like me, a fan of raw food (heheheh I looooove sashimi), there are soup udon and teriyaki plates as well. This one is Sushi and Sashimi. Beautiful colours!! The only thing that disappointed me was the rice that was a little hard and too much vinegar. Next time I will go with Sashimi only =)

Miss K