Friday, November 26, 2010

"Duo colours"

Another post by me! I guess my friend Xuan-An has been very busy with school lately since the end of semester is approaching. I took a break from my case assignment to show you this simple nail art.

French tip stickers are very useful if you want to get the very straight line between the colours. For "Duo Colours", 2 stickers were necessary for each nail. I started with Nubar Champs-Elysees Pink and proceeded with Nubar Lavender. In my recent manicure, I like to always add a silver glitter top coat on my design, probably because it adds a touch of winter feel~

The cold weather is no doubt one of the biggest enemies to our hands. This week, I bought a manicure/pedicure white tea mask from OPI. I l-o-v-e the fragrance!! A review of the product will come soon!
Have a nice week-end!
Miss K

Saturday, November 20, 2010


Here is a simple konadicure I wore on my nails for a few days. It is a picture I tried to take with my new cellphone. Not a very successful picture.. Probably if it were taken outdoor, it would have been better!
Although the tip looks grey, I used Nubar Lavender. This design is a lot cuter in real life than in this picture. All konad fans should try it =)
See you all soon! I have to get back to my readings now!!
Miss K

Monday, November 15, 2010

"Flocons de neige"

Hello readers,
It's been a while! Today, I present the first konadicure of my winter collection to you :"flocons de neige". It is a simple french manucure with some coral blue, light grey and silver (although I realized it was not very visible on my nail) snow flakes. On the tip, I also added a coat of my PA pink shimmer nail polish and topped it off with a silver glitter top coat.
I hope you all are like me, prepared for winter =)
Plate used : m59
Miss K

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Rescue Beauty Lounge 360

Oh how I wish it was summer again... I miss the sun and the beautiful weather.
The cold has already taken a toll on my cuticles, but I'm doing my best to keep them looking decent.
Hello hand cream, cuticle cream and any kind of moisturizer!

I'm currently wearing Rescue Beauty Lounge 360 on my nails and I just cannot stop looking at them! The color is so interesting. I can definitely say that I do not own anything similar.

The second picture is the closest color representation I could get from my camera, but I am posting the first one so that you can see the subtle shimmer of the polish.

360 is a muted, dusty blue. Ji describes 360 as "a move where the surfer and board spin around on the face of a wave. It also is a gorgeous deep-water aqua blue polish." There is a teal-ish element to this polish that reminds me of the sea. It is truly gorgeous and application is - as with most RBL - flawless.

All right, I'm off to work now. Giveaway announcement tonight!!! :)
Who is excited??

Edit: RBL's international shipping rate is now $18.50 (it used to be around $40). Enjoy!  :)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Mail day!!!!

Tuesday, I came home from school and work to a wonderful package from Rescue Beauty Lounge! I didn't expect to receive anything from them so soon, just because I figured that they would be inundated with orders!

I limited myself to only 3 bottles, but am already planning my next order! ;)

Under the Stars

 Diddy Mow


I also got an extra bottle for a lucky reader!!!! 
Details for the giveaway will be posted soon! 

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Rescue Beauty Lounge Dead Calm


Hope you had an amazing week, and that you were able to take advantage of Rescue Beauty Lounge's 5 hour sale! I sure did! :)

I am currently wearing Dead Calm on my nails, a beautiful dark blue creme. I haven't worn a RBL polish in a while, but was quickly reminded why I loved this brand so much. The formulas are excellent! So easy to apply and so smooth. Plus, they have superb customer service!

I'm looking forward to buying more RBL polishes, now that their international shipping rate decreased!

I'm off to celebrate my parent's 25th wedding anniversary! 
Have a great weekend!