Thursday, October 29, 2009

Zoya America

One of the colors I wore last week was Zoya's America, from the La-Di-Da collection.

A bright tomato red creme (on me at least). I'm actually not sure if I like this one. The color is nice and all, but just not me...

Like for Tallulah, I had a little bit of a hard time with brush but otherwise, the formula was good.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Rescue Beauty Lounge Bruised

Monday's NOTD for my Marketing Management presentation:
RBL Bruised, a muted redish-brown shade. This polish is veery pretty. Application was flawless, as for all RBL polishes that I own.

I don't know what else to write... I feeling pretty depressed right now because of school. I've been studying so hard and everything, but things just can't seem to go right. My grades have been horrible!!!!!!!! But I'm keeping my head up... I'm sure it's just a "first-year" thing....... :)


Monday, October 26, 2009

Chrome Nail Makeup

I've been so busy!! Midterm is finally over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyways.. a few weeks ago, I went to Sears and found some gems!! They had this little nail polish counter and there they were: Sally Hansen Chrome Nail Makeup. As the name says, they are nail polishes that dry to a chrome finish. These are super cool, but unfortunately, they are discontinued. I bought 2, for $5.99 each.

This first one I got as an 'extra' in a swap with a lovely lady. I didn't know what it was at first, but after a few searches, I found out that they were not selling these anymore.
This is Peach Crystal, 3 coats with top coat:
Peach Crystal wasn't great. I had a hard time with application (which you can probably see in the picture). Otherwise, I like the color, although I don't see any "peach" in there. It's basically white gold-ish.

Next, is Turquoise. Application for this one was good, smoother than the previous one. Like for Peach Crystal, I don't think that the color really reflects the name. This is NOT turquoise. IT'S BLUE! Anyhow, I love this one. Blue+chrome finish=gorgeous!

Last one is called White Gold. It is very similar to Peach Crystal, but you can still see a bit of gold color in there. Application for this one was also good and the finish is quite nice.
Can you say good buy?! I really love these and I especially love the fact that they're discontinued. Mouhahaha. They had a red one but it didn't appeal to me so I passed.
I guess I'll have to shop at Sears more often now :)

Friday, October 23, 2009

China Glaze Recycle

Hey guys,

The weather here in Montreal is pretty eh lately: super cold and there was snow!! Already!!!

So because of the weather and because I was stressed out for my exams, I was in a mood for grey polish!! I love greys. I find that color so beautiful, it can be cool and edgy yet elegant at the same time. Plus, it goes with every other color!! (Note: this picture was taken after 2 days of staying up late at school+one full exam day, so pardon the chips!)

China Glaze Recycle. Beautiful smooth grey creme. It may seems pretty sheer at first, but 2 coats is more than enough for it to be opaque.

FYI, next week is probably going to be neutral week. I have 2 presentations for Marketing class and we have to look "professional". Whatever that means.......

Misa Push Upon It

This is a nail polish I swatched a while ago (like in May or something...) This is from when I was still able to control myself when it came to nail polish... I really don't know how it got like this but I went from 6 bottles to 140+ in 5 months.. I guess it's not THAT bad... I've put myself on several 1-week shopping bans so that definitely helped.

Anyways, this one was from my very first haul from TransDesign. It a beautiful raspberry color from Misa

It's not very unique (I believe it's a dupe to OPI Miami Beet) but it's gorgeous. Plus, Misa's formula is really great. Smooth, no pulling, no nothing. Love it!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

NOTD: Orly Velvet Rope

My nail of the day:
Beautiful purple with tiny silver glitter. I actually though that the glitters would be more visible. :( I love Orly's formulas. I have never had any difficulties with their polishes yet; and I love the rubber handle!

Some Pinks!

Here are some more pinks!

OPI La Paz-itively Hot Matte. Like the name says, HOT!
See for yourself:
This was from OPI's matte collection. I really like this one, it's matte alright, but not chalky. The other thing I wanted to point out is that with matte polishes, ridges are really evident, so don't be shy to use a good ridge filler (which I didn't do). Just remember to let it dry fully because putting on color.

Zoya Ali.
Holy neon!!! I tried to capture how flashy this polish was and you can definitely see it glow in the first picture. As always, I have to say, I LOVE Zoya's brushes! Makes application so much easier!
As you know, I don't like pink but these two are exceptions!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Sally Hansen Salon Mode Collection 2009

Hey there! So amidst the ugly weather here in Montreal, we had a bit of sunshine during the weekend. I took advantage of it and swatched all day Saturday (instead of studying..)

Today, I present you Sally Hansen Salon Mode collection for fall 2009. The formula of all these were pretty thin and runny. It was not that bad, but it's not the consistency that I'm used to from Sally Hansen Salon. As I've said before, none of these are creams. They're all shimmers and I was surprised at some colors!

Pictures first, then info.
American Beauty. Berry shimmer. It's a nice color, but not unique. I'm not head over heels. Love the shimmer, though. 3 coats.

Project Runway. BEAUTIFUL turquoise-ish green with gold microglitter. I love this. I was expecting amazingness when I saw the bottle, and it definitely delivered. 3 coats

Purple Heart. Purple with blue and red microglitter. This was nice. It reminded me of China Glaze Let's Groove, but compared side by side, they do not look alike. I believe this one is darker than ChG but they both have blue and red microglitter. 2 coats.

Fashion Forward. It looks blurple (bluish purple) in the bottle, but on the nails, it's dark dark blue. Like the others, it's also a shimmer. I wanted this one to be like the color in the bottle sooo bad!!! but I still like it. I don't really think "fashion forward" is a proper name for this one though.. 3 coats, but could have easily been 2.

Burnt Sienna. I wasn't expecting to like this color when I bought it, but wow. I don't have any other color like this, since olive-ish gold shimmer doesn't normally suit me. But wowwee. I love this one! I like the name too! 3 coats.

Valentino. Brown shimmer. Love this one too! I was pleasantly surprised with this one as well! It's a brown bas color, with tiny tiny microscopic gold and green glitter. In sunlight, you definitely see the olive gold (see in the picture?!). I love this shade, and I don't normally like brown. I think this was 2 coats.

Overall, I like this collection. I'm not going gaga over this, but was pleasantly surprised with half of the shades. I love unexpected beauties! The one that stands out though, is Project Runway. It's a must for every green lover.

By the way, I have pictures of 2 out of 3 Lippmann Celebration polishes. the 3rd'll come.. I just have to give my hand a rest from the glitter scrubbing :)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

China Glaze Mom's Chiffon

Continuing with some pink! Here's China Glaze's Mom's Chiffon.

I think this is one of those rare pinks that I love! It's very soft and pretty (and application was a-mazing btw!)

Nothing Better

So I needed a little pick-me-up, so I decided go to buy all 6 nail polishes from Sally Hansen's Salon Mode Collection (Canadian exclusive apparently). Yup. The cashier must've thought that I was Cah-Razy.

From left to right: Fashion Forward, Purple Heart, American Beauty, Valentino, Burnt Sienna and Project Runway

Pretty pretties! None of these are cremes, so we'll see how I feel about them on my nails.... The colors are really nice. I'm really looking forward to trying on Project Runway. There's some glitter in there that you can't really see from the picture but it looks cool. Fashion Forward, also, has some blue and red microglitter in there. Very interesting.

I also did a new mani for Thursday, Lippmann's Ruby Red Slippers. SOOO PRETTY! But I took it off because there were some shrinkage. Probably because of the top coat. I didn't like it, because it looked like tip wear. But I'm sure it'll be back on the nails soon! Pics will come!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Essie Status Symbol

Another pink! This is Essie Status Symbol. A pretty Barbie-ish pink.

Application was a breeze! No clean up necessary! This was 2 coats with top coat.

So I've realized after wearing pink on my nail that I don't like pink nail polish. I like to see it on other people but when I'm the one wearing it, I can't help but think "ehhh" everytime I look at my own nails. It's probably because I've never been a girly girl, but anyways.

I guess October is going to help me get through all my untried pinks.
Also, my dear mom came home with a bottle of pure acetone for me! What rhis means: I can wear my glitter polishes!!!!!YAY!

Sally Hansen HD Hi-Res

As I've told you before, October is Breast cancer awareness month. So for a few days, I've decided to wear pinks on my nails.

First up was Sally Hansen HD Hi-Res. My pictures don't show the color acurately. It is more rosy in real life. My sister described this polish as "superhero".... whatever that means...

Look how shiny!!!! This was 2 coats plus Nubar Diamont top Coat.

I like this color but I don't think I like it on me.... I'm not too big on pinkish color, plus I like creme finishes. Call me boring if you want! :P

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Next week-

Since October is breast cancer awareness month, I will be wearing/showing you pink nail polish as much as I can. I say "as much as I can" because I don't have that many pinks and I don't really like pink, so I don't know how long I can keep a color on my nails. Nevertheless, I want to honor all women out there. I'll try get in some of Lippmann Collection's Anniversary set in for the weekend too.

Enjoy the weekend!

Orly Matte Couture

As promised a long time ago, I have some swatches!!!! I just remembered I never did swatch MAC and Eyeko though... It'll come.... one day....

So here is Orly's Matte Couture Collection:
Even though the name says "matte", the two that I got more satiny than matte. I believe the 3rd from this collection, Matte Vinyl, is the mattest of the three, and is very similar the $OPI What's a Tire Jack.

This is Blue Suede. Navy blue with a satin finish. This one was a trouble child. I had difficulty with application, hence the bumps on the nails... BUT I still love this. I have to say, I really like this finish.

Purple Velvet is also satin, but more matte than Blue Suede. Does that make sense? There's little shimmer in there, which makes this one so special. Application with this one was very easy.

All in all, these were good. Like all mattes, these dry rather quickly, but not as fast as the other mattes that I have. They still dry completely within 10 minutes (max), though.

These available as of now! Get them from your favorite etailers!!!

Rescue Beauty Lounge Mismas

Last one from the Bloggers' polish!

This is Mismas, from Michelle at All Lacquered Up. She created this one because she wanted THE perfect purple creme. Wow. She nailed it. See for yourselves:

Isn't it pretty? A dark rich absolutely gorgeous purple creme nail polish. I don't know what else to say. It's absolutely beautiful. I didn't think it would be as dark, but I can't say that I'm disappointed. As always, application was great. Most RBL polishes goes on like buttah- and this one is no exception. I loved this so much, I wore it for 4 days straight!

This costs $18 USD and is limited edition

Monday, October 5, 2009

Celebrate your dreams when you are away

Just because he won 5 awards last night at the GAMIQ awards (like the Grammy for Quebec indie music scene), I decided to make a post for Patrick Watson!!

One of my favorite artist, his music, described as psych-folk-pop-ambient music, is simply amazing. Every one of his CDs are like a story. All the songs complement each other so well and it just flows. Especially in his latest CD, Wooden Arms.

I've been lucky enough to have seen him live 3 times and met him once.
Every concert was magical and unbelievably incredible. Patrick and the rest of the band are geniuses. He was super sweet, when I met him after the Wooden Arms release party/concert, and was kind enough to sign my CD. He asked from what nationality my sister and I were from and when we told him we were Vietnamese, he got sooo excited! He told us that he lived there for quite some time and even tried to say a few words! I say tried because I did not understand what he was saying.... My sister thought he said "fried rice" but when asked, he said no, laughed and then said that he hadn't spoken Vietnamese in quite some time. I guess that's good enough!

I won't say more, because it'll probably be an essay on how amazing Patrick Watson is, so I'll leave you with a few pictures and video

From the Festival International de Jazz de Montréal 2009:

This next one was taken at the Wooden Arms release show/party

Finally, this video is from the 2007, Osheaga Festival. Enjoy!

Rescue Beauty Lounge Orbis Non Sufficit

Continuing with another Rescue Beauty Lounge Blogger polish!!

This one is from the Polish Addict, named Orbis Non Sufficit:

I'll get to the polish in a minute, but I just had to say: "DAMN YOU SCHOOL!!!!! LOOK WHAT YOU DID TO MY HANDS!".

Ok done.

I would describe Orbis Non Sufficit as a muted army green creme. It's very pretty and one of the rare greens that I like on my nails. It has a dusty look too, which I love. Pictured above was 2 coats, with Poshe top coat.

As for the other RBLs application was amazing. See that picture? I didn't do any clean-up because it was that easy to apply and control. If only all nail polishes were like that.

Again, these polishes are limited edition and retail for $18/ea USD. For all international gals, I would say get this, but only if you can justify paying $40 for shipping!

Here's another picture in sunlight:

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Rescue Beauty Lounge Scrangie

Hi all!

I've recently shown you my Rescue Beauty Lounge haul. Well well I wore Scrangie as soon as I could!

Isn't it beautiful? This is by the fabulous Scrangie with the help of Rescue Beauty Lounge.

I'll let Scrangie describe it: "It's a medium blue-based purple with green iridescence and green microshimmer". Hell yeah.

I love it!!! I will definitely be wearing it a lot!!

The formula was great, as always, although unlike my other RBLs, this one took me 3 coats to be even. It usually only takes me two. I don't know what else to say.. I simply love Rescue Beauty Lounge. I love their packaging, I love their customer service. The only thing that makes me say "ehh..." is the price. $18 US for a bottle! I have to say, that's pretty crazy. My RBLs are by far my most expensive nail polishes. (It used to be a nars, but I swapped it, so it doesn't count). It's pretty amazing that I have 9 RBL polishes, I have to say... that says a lot about my love for them, I guess.

Not only is the price a little steep, the shipping rate is EVEN HIGHER! They charge $40 for all international orders! CAH-RAZEEEE!! It is at times like these that I am grateful for my family in the States.. hehehe joke joke.

Anyways, I cannot wait to try on the other two from this limited edition collex.

Another lovely haul package!

Once again, this week was a great mail week!

Despite that I had to rush to finish business statistics assignment, these lovelies cheered me up! This time, it was a Orly haul from TransDesign!

From left to right: Purple Velvet, Blue Satin, Enchanted Forest, Velvet Rope, Mirror Mirror and Happily Ever After.

Purple Velvet and Blue Satin, from the recently released Matte Couture Collection. The third one from the collection is called Matte Vinyl, but I didn't buy it since I already have $SOPI What's a Tire Jack I didn't think I'd need 2 matte blacks.

My 3 choices from the Once Upon A Time collection. Enchanted forest, Mirror Mirror and Happily Ever After. Can't wait to try Enchanted Forest after having heard all the rave on MUA.

And finally, for Velvet Rope, I just had to take a real close-up shot:

Holy macaroni, I cannot wait to try this on! Gorgeous purple with silver glitter/shimmer!! Being the purple junkie that I am, I am DROOLING!

I also got Poshe fast frying top coat.

Sooo I have my first midterm exam next week and I'm scared. Not only that, but it's an accounting exam. God knows how much I hate accounting. Hopefully, I won't die.

Wish me luck! I'll try to take some "study breaks" to update this blog! :)