Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Hello readers!

As my birthday is approaching, my boyfriend has started to shop around to find a best gift for me d= This morning I received this..

Yes! It is the Rescue Beauty Lounge famous treatment system! I've been looking for a good base coat and top coat for a while.. but this 3-steps treatment was never in stock. My sweet boyfriend was kind enough to continuously check RBL's website and finally order this known-to-be-impeccable base and top coats for me as soon as the set was available online =)

I am super excited to try them on, especially because they are my first RBL nail polishes!!

Miss K

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Wow!! very good deal!

Hello readers!

It is time again to share a very good deal with all of you! With only $39, you can get a manicure AND pedicure DELUXE worth $130!! Winter has "damaged" our hands so much..we all need a paraffin mask for our deserved hands and we always always need to spoil our feet a little d= Massage chair.. reflexology treatment.. foot mask.. paraffin wax.. how can we say no too all that? The salon's name is Katie. Situated on Queen Mary street, I have passed by many times but never actually tried it. It is not a small salon and the place looks decent.

Click on the following link and you will see a few pictures =)

Only a little more than 25 hours left... hurry hurry!!

Miss K

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Essie Topless & Barefoot

Topless & Barefoot is a total surprise! I thought this would be the colour I like the least in the Spring collection. This is also why I tried it last.. but what a great surprise! Formula is the best one among the 4 nail polishes I have. I have nothing to complain about the application! This beige colour makes your hand look softer and more elegant. An appropriate neutral colour to wear in my future interviews or business occasions. I love it!! =)

3 coats

Miss K

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Shabu shabu @Hagayaki

Shabu shabu is the japanese style hot pot. It is one of the best dishes to have in the winter. Basically, you cook vegetables, seafood, thinly sliced meat in a broth of your choice in front of you and you serve the food with dipping sauces. Very healthy isn't it? At Hagayaki, they serve sesame peanut sauce which tastes like a more liquid peanut butter and ponzu sauce which is a citrus-based soya sauce. I can assure you that both are really appetizing =) As for the soup, it has 3 choices: spicy, chicken broth, and traditional seaweed (water awith a big piece of dried seaweed).

As you can see, the place is very clean. You can even bring your vegan friends because the restaurant has a vegetarian combo. The plate includes more than 8 types of asian veggies. When I go out with my best friend (who is vegan), this is always the #1 place we think of for dinner.

Each combo includes an appetizer, a plate of veggies, a plate of meat (unless you order the vegetarian combo, udon (japanese noodle), a choice of broth, 2 sauces, rice, tea, ice cream and iced coffee.
It is possible to order additional plates of anything you want.

If you are interested to see their menu online, here is a link for you:

I highly highly recommend it because I LOVE hot pot!! =)

Hagayaki is situated in the heart of Chinatown in Montreal. Price ranges from $10 CAD - $25 CAD per combo.

Miss K

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Airbrush design

There have been enough posts about nail polish and I thought it was time for a change..for a nail art post!

The first time I got in touch with nail art was surprisingly not konad! Hahah! I used to go to my mom's friend's nail salon and I would have a nice airbrush design on my nails. This is one of the chef-d'oeuvre done by the lady.

I know.. the pictures aren't clear enough to see the nail art well.. This was taken initially for the special hand dryer at the Japan airport d= It was the first time I saw it and I found it really cool! hahaha

Airbrush makes complexed designs (shading, different motifs, etc.) possible, it is done very quickly and salons usually do not charge a lot for it. I highly recommend it! Basically, you choose a design and all the techinician does is use an air-operated tool to paint out the desired image. It takes only a few seconds for each nail! You will notice that the design looks like it is formed by a lot a lot of white (or other colour) powder and you might not like it. But once your technician applies the top coat, you will love it!

Next time you visit a nail salon, why not try this special and seem-to-be difficult-to-do nail art? ; )

Monday, March 14, 2011

Essie French Affair

French Affair is a creme pastel pink. Application was bad, not smooth at all. This nail polish is very thick (at least for my bottle). Overall, it's not my favorite nail polish, but nice colour to wear during the spring.

3 coats

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Essie Coat Azure

Just taking a break from studying for my last midterm to show you Essie Coat Azure. At first, I thought this was a creme blue but it turned out to be a shimmer. I am not a fan of shimmer nail polishes, but this one is gorgeous =)

Application was better than Nice is Nice. 2 coats.

Miss K

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Win an iPad2 from teambuy.ca

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Everyone knows about teambuy.ca? if not, it is time to subscribe to it and benefit from those really good discounts for restaurants, spa, shopping, laser treatments, and more and more!!
They are giving away 2 iPads so click on the link above and answer a small question (if it asks about their slogan, the answer is "buyers unite"), enter your name and email address and it's done =)

Good luck!

Miss K

Saturday, March 5, 2011

New nail polishes again!!

Essie Spring Collection 2011! I bought the mini set again (for about 20$ CAD) which includes 4 colours that I love!
Topless & Barefoot and Coat Azure.
Nice is Nice and French Affair.
To be honest, I've never been a fan of Essie. I find their formula so so...but their colours are just lovely! The first one I tried is a creme baby purple colour. It is definitely my type of colour, so I love it!! This is 3 coats.
I am so excited!! It's been "a while" I haven't gotten myself nail polishes.. there are so many for me to try on now!! Nails Inc.. Bourjois.. OPI Katy Perry.. and now Essie Spring Collection!!
This is it for now! Next post: Essie Coat Azure!

Miss K

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

French Nail Art

Hello everyone!

A few weeks ago, I told you that Bourjois products could not be found in Montreal. It turns out I am wrong. You can buy Bourjois cosmetic products and a few nail polishes here, but only in one drugstore. There are Pharmaprix everywhere, but only one (or really few ones) carries this brand's products.

Since my l'Oreal french manucure nail polish has become thick and bad, I had to buy a new one and decided to try Bourjois's. The bottle doesn't look like the one my friend got me from England and the brush is a thick one.
I used Bourjois French Manucure on my tip and added a coat of PA pink shimmer so my nails look nicer. (They are more pink in real life d= ) It's been a while I haven't done this classic french mani on my nails. I used to (and I still do!!) love it so much! Simple amd elegant, isn't it?
Miss K