Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hyang Jin

Today's post is about a small restaurant called Hyang Jin. It serves mainly japanese food but you can also find a few korean dishes in the menu. Because it is a small family-owned business, service can be slow sometimes, but the waitresses are very friendly and polite. It is a nice cozy place.

The restaurant has gone through some changes, when the Korean owner got married. The girl is very nice and friendly. Because I used to go there so often, we kinda became friends. I was so happy for them when I learned the happy news =) She included many new dishes and combos in the menu and added many little decorations in the restaurant to make Hyang Jin even better than before.

This is how the place looks inside. The white papers on the wall are written some appetizers. It is like a mini menu on the wall.

What I present today is one of the combos for 2. This one is called Aki; it means autumn in japanese. Aki is a very good deal. Only 50$, tax included and you get all the "common" japanese food people would order when they crave for a yummy japanese meal.

This is the sashimi platter. Hyang Jin is a small restaurant. I am guessing this is why they do not offer a too big variety of seafood. You do not find the freshest fish, but the quality is decent for the price you pay. As you see, you get a lot of salmon, which I like d=
We also got more sashimi than the regular size since I cancelled one of the dish in the combo which was grilled saba or grilled salmon bones.
Nice presentation?
Side dishes are offered. They are seaweed, kimchi and beans sprouts. Hyang Jin's kimchi is homemade and they serve the best kimchi I have tasted. I do not really like kimchi that tastes sour and Hyang Jin's kimchi has not a tiny sour taste. I somehow taste the japanese rice wine sake, but I don't know if I'm wrong. You can also buy it from the restaurant =)

Sushi includes some maki and some sushi. I noticed that Hyang Jin's nigiri has "longer" fish on top of the rice, making more unique and more Japanese authentic.

This one is beef teriyaki. It is served on a hot plate, making it smell sooo delicious!
The tempura platter has shrimps and a great variety of veggies.
Tempura sauce with green onions.
Yummy isn't it? Believe me, at the end of the night, both you and your dinner partner will be very full! If this is too much, they also have other smaller combos cheaper, but also very tasty. Next time I will blog about Hyang Jin's lunch menu which I highly recommend also. I just need to go again and take better pictures...hopefully soon, perhaps with my U1 friends. They are having such a hard time trying to get used to McGill hahahah I believe after all the suffering, we deserve a yummy treat =)

Hyang Jin
5332, chemin Queen-Mary (corner Decarie)
Montreal, Qc
H3X 1T7
(514) 482-0645

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Relaxation @ Espace Nomad

Last week was a lovely week. All my midterms were done so I finally had time to go to Espace Nomad for a spa with a friend, just in time before our Tuango coupon expires! After several experiences, my friend and I decided that manicures, massages, facials, briefly all the spas that we purchase from Groupon and all these discount websites are bad! So even before getting there, we had 0 expectation and we even discussed about how much tips we would give if the experience would be too poor.

And then... SURPRISE! Our experience at Spa Espace Nomad totally exceeded our expectation. We enjoyed so much and are planning of going back! =)

Our spa includes a facial and a back or feet exfoliation (worth 128$). Very sadly, we had to take a bus to get there, and there was huge traffic! We ended up being (very) late so the aesthetician told me that I could have the feet exfoliation while enjoying the second mask. I was a little disappointed because my friend and I were really looking forward for a back exfoliation. Apparently, our back has the thickest skin so an exfoliation from time to time is highly recommended. And in the same time, it just feels so good to have someone "massage" our back a little d=
Back to my story, the lady understood that we really wanted a back exfoliation, so she suggested that we could cut a part of the facial so that we could enjoy the exfoliation we wanted =) I do simple facial mask at home sometimes, so cutting in our facial was fine to me. After all, the facial treatment at Espace Nomad includes 2 masks, so skipping the second one, we still benefit from a mask.

The treatment started with washing and exfoliating the face. The aesthetician pressed on my face with the most appropriate force. It followed with a vegetarian clay mask that enormously nourishes our skin. In the same time, she also gave me a arm, decollete and shoulder massage. It was heavenly amazing (except that the massage was too short, as always). I totally did not expect a massage, especially a good one. It was not even said in our Tuango deal. They did not cut in their service because we did not pay the regular price. Isn't it marvellous? Up to here, I knew I would come back!

The waited-for-so-long back exfoliation did not upset us. I was glad that I ended up enjoy it. It was just like a mini massage, in the same time, I felt cleaner d= After both treatments, my skin was amazingly soft. Even those areas where I used to have a lot of blackheads/whiteheads were very smooth. I really loved it and felt that the facial treatment truly improved my skin.

This was the room. It was a small room. I should say that the spa itself is not very big. They have 2 floors but it is not a very big spa. It is not tiny, just the right size =)

This is outside the room.
Espace Nomad has a tiny lounge where you are welcome to rest after your spa before you get ready to pay. You can have a cup of tea, water, etc. My friend and I tried a coconut chocolate tea. It was special.
This is the princess chair where I relaxed =)
My friend and I already decided that we would go back. Next time, we will not be late heheheh We loved it so much that right after our relaxing tea, we bought their facial scrub d= It is worth mentioning that their products are mainly natural and biologic. Very good for our skin =)

I highly highly recommend Espace Nomad. They have some promotions right now. Take a look at their website =)

Monday, November 28, 2011

Première neige

Hello everyone!

Last week, it snowed in Montreal! Even though I tried to deny it, I think winter is really here.. so I thought it was time to continue my winter design collection! Since I did this manicure on the day it snowed, this konadicure will be named "Première neige". Cute name isn't it? d=

This nail polish is "new" in my nail lacquer collection. I got it this summer during my trip to Toronto. It was such a good deal! All China Glaze nail polishes were 5$ each! 5$ only!! Isn't it amazing?? I love China Glaze for the perfect formula that allows flawless applications so I ended up getting 8 of them kekekek

This colour is a creme blue, named Aqua Blue. Since I wanted my snowflakes to be silver, I chose Aqua Blue, a relatively dark colour so my snowflakes would be more apparent. Lovely?

Plate used : m59