Tuesday, May 4, 2010

L'Oréal Resist and Shine

Again, I want to apologize for being so bad at this blogging thing. I've been out enjoying the weather with some friends, eating cupcakes and soaking up the sun :). I'll update more frequently, promise!

Last week, my sister bought a bottle of L'Oreal Resist and Shine Titanium on sale and I thought I'd give it a try. Their website describes this collection as follows:
'The latest range of Glossy Blacks from Resist and Shine Titanium features beautiful black metallic colors for eye-catching nails for any occasion!'

 This one is 734 Black Red.

It is exactly as the name says: its a blackened red. It's really gorgeous! I love how you can see the red sparkles in the sun/light!This was 2 coats, application was pretty good, I liked the formula thought I cannot say I particularly liked the small brush handle. The polish is resistant: after 4 days, I only have minor tip wear, which is barely noticeable.

Also part of the collection are black purple, black blue, black turquoise, black gold and black mauve. They retail for about 9-10$ CDN each and I'd say it's definitely worth trying.

Going to see Patrick Watson in concert tonight! Can't wait!

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