Monday, September 5, 2011

Fish pedicure @ Dahlia

Hi readers!

Finally, we are back to school. My summer has been so fun, I still need some time to really get myself ready for school. So here I am, after the second day of school last Friday, right after my only class of the day ended, I headed to a Salon called Dahlia in downtown, for a fish pedicure! heheheh

It all began last week when I saw, on Teambuy or another of these websites, a great discount for fish pedicure. I really was going to purchase the coupon!! but when I remembered to buy it, the offer expired! So I told my boyfriend that we couldn't enjoy the fishies that we have been waiting to try for so long, then he was sweet enough to say that he would bring me to a fish pedicure and he would pay full price! heheheh The next day, we came to Dahlia! There was a place reserved for fishies pedicure. There was a curtain but we could still see the rest of the salon where others were enjoying the traditional spa pedicure. Now comes the fun part: the fishies! They were a lot bigger than I expected, about 6-7cm). I was soooo excited..but the fish were even more excited than I was! Even before I put my feet in the tub, they all swam to my feet, waiting for foood!! I got soooo scared!!

Our treatment was supposed to be 15 minutes. I seriously did not put my feet for more than a minute! It took me A LOT of time to have the courage to put my foot in the water, and as soon as I felt the body of the fish, I got soo scared I would immediately take my foot out of the water! It is to be mentioned that my boyfriend couldn't bear to the tickling of the fish, so he took out his feet promptly and it really scared me! hahahah Briefly, it was a lot of feet-in-and-out, fears, screams and laughters. We ended up not having much dead skin removed, but afterall it was a very fun activity! I promised my boyfriend that next time we won't have our money wasted and I will be b-r-a-v-e! =)

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