Monday, November 28, 2011

Première neige

Hello everyone!

Last week, it snowed in Montreal! Even though I tried to deny it, I think winter is really here.. so I thought it was time to continue my winter design collection! Since I did this manicure on the day it snowed, this konadicure will be named "Première neige". Cute name isn't it? d=

This nail polish is "new" in my nail lacquer collection. I got it this summer during my trip to Toronto. It was such a good deal! All China Glaze nail polishes were 5$ each! 5$ only!! Isn't it amazing?? I love China Glaze for the perfect formula that allows flawless applications so I ended up getting 8 of them kekekek

This colour is a creme blue, named Aqua Blue. Since I wanted my snowflakes to be silver, I chose Aqua Blue, a relatively dark colour so my snowflakes would be more apparent. Lovely?

Plate used : m59


  1. Where in toronto did you buy it for 5$?!??! ^__^ SO BEAUTIFUL your nails