Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Konadicure with Zoya Harley

I used Zoya Harley for the base - it's a soft grey shimmer. It's simple and subtle! 2 coats to achieve opacity.

For the motif, I used Konad plate M74 with Konad special polish in black. This was my first time using a black polish for the motif... I didn't think clean-up was going to be that messy!!! The black kept smudging on my finger, but I found out that scraping the excess off was much easier and cleaner!!! I guess I'll know for next time!!


  1. I love it! Yes, the black is nasty messy!


  2. Cool.
    I just got that Zoya Harley in the mail this week.

  3. Gildedangel - Thank you!!

    Technopathetic - Thank you and agreed, Harley is a pretty cool color! I love it!

    Yardsticks - Black is pretty messy! I didn't expect it to be so bad!!

    Susies1955 - I hope you'll love Harley as much I do!!

  4. Wow! Konadicure!! I like!! heheheh I thought the base colour was black.. show me your plate one day!!

  5. This is so pretty, I wasn't wowed by Harley til I wore her. She's an elegant lady, and you made her even more beautiful.

  6. Oh wow beautiful polish combination, beautiful design!

  7. This design is beautiful. Konad black is REALLY messy lol.