Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fashion nails

Do you like my new art work? ; ) This was supposed to be posted long time ago. It was some day during the Christmas vacations. I went to my friend's house because she wanted me to prepare her nails for her California trip!

For this manicure, I used China Glaze Sexy Lady and another grey nail polish that my friend bought from Europe. The name was unkown to me but it was nice grey creme.
These are some nail accessories that we found at my friend's house. To add some final touches to the nail art, I added the cute ones that looked like sequins. The sequins, along with the pink and grey colours, this manicure really looks like a piece of clothes! What do you think?
The nails here look super shiny because we put several coats of Seche Vite top coat to make sure that every single sequin would stay. I think it worked well and it was also this day that I found out how Seche Vite top coats dry really vite (fast)!! d=


  1. Oh my those are some really pretty nails :D

  2. It's really cute! I thought you had used striping tape ;)