Friday, February 24, 2012

Airbrush design

Do you like my nails? The picture is not very clear because it was taken in a restaurant, and it was dark. Anyway, this airbrush design was not very well done so a picture in the dark makes it look nicer d=

I went to do my nails with a friend at a very small nail place. Equipment and skill was a little poor hahaha so it took the aesthetician a very very long time to finish spraying the powder on our nails. However, the shaping part was done very fast and result was satisfying. Both my friend and I like the shapes of our nails. Only the airbrush itself was a little disappointing. Our nail tip are not completely covered so you could still see the white part of my nails, and on some of our nails, the design is not complete... I still think airbrush can give us very lovely results so next time, we will just try another salon ; )

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