Thursday, November 11, 2010

Mail day!!!!

Tuesday, I came home from school and work to a wonderful package from Rescue Beauty Lounge! I didn't expect to receive anything from them so soon, just because I figured that they would be inundated with orders!

I limited myself to only 3 bottles, but am already planning my next order! ;)

Under the Stars

 Diddy Mow


I also got an extra bottle for a lucky reader!!!! 
Details for the giveaway will be posted soon! 


  1. jealous! those look so pretty! how was the shipping to canada? at one time i think it was something completely crazy, but maybe that's changed?

  2. Jessica, it used to be around $40, but they decreased it to $18.50, which is much more affordable! Enjoy!

  3. that's great! if only i'd known that before the sale... :)

  4. Ah! We almost got the same ones, I ordered under the stars, 360 and black Russian. :)