Saturday, March 19, 2011

Airbrush design

There have been enough posts about nail polish and I thought it was time for a change..for a nail art post!

The first time I got in touch with nail art was surprisingly not konad! Hahah! I used to go to my mom's friend's nail salon and I would have a nice airbrush design on my nails. This is one of the chef-d'oeuvre done by the lady.

I know.. the pictures aren't clear enough to see the nail art well.. This was taken initially for the special hand dryer at the Japan airport d= It was the first time I saw it and I found it really cool! hahaha

Airbrush makes complexed designs (shading, different motifs, etc.) possible, it is done very quickly and salons usually do not charge a lot for it. I highly recommend it! Basically, you choose a design and all the techinician does is use an air-operated tool to paint out the desired image. It takes only a few seconds for each nail! You will notice that the design looks like it is formed by a lot a lot of white (or other colour) powder and you might not like it. But once your technician applies the top coat, you will love it!

Next time you visit a nail salon, why not try this special and seem-to-be difficult-to-do nail art? ; )

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