Tuesday, March 1, 2011

French Nail Art

Hello everyone!

A few weeks ago, I told you that Bourjois products could not be found in Montreal. It turns out I am wrong. You can buy Bourjois cosmetic products and a few nail polishes here, but only in one drugstore. There are Pharmaprix everywhere, but only one (or really few ones) carries this brand's products.

Since my l'Oreal french manucure nail polish has become thick and bad, I had to buy a new one and decided to try Bourjois's. The bottle doesn't look like the one my friend got me from England and the brush is a thick one.
I used Bourjois French Manucure on my tip and added a coat of PA pink shimmer so my nails look nicer. (They are more pink in real life d= ) It's been a while I haven't done this classic french mani on my nails. I used to (and I still do!!) love it so much! Simple amd elegant, isn't it?
Miss K


  1. Which Pharmaprix is that ?

  2. This Pharmaprix is on Boulevard Marcel-Laurin.
    2000 boul. Marcel Laurin, Montreal, QC

    There are De la Gascogne, Spa Station 5 near there.

  3. And how did you like this brush? Was it useful in doing french tip? :)