Sunday, March 20, 2011

Shabu shabu @Hagayaki

Shabu shabu is the japanese style hot pot. It is one of the best dishes to have in the winter. Basically, you cook vegetables, seafood, thinly sliced meat in a broth of your choice in front of you and you serve the food with dipping sauces. Very healthy isn't it? At Hagayaki, they serve sesame peanut sauce which tastes like a more liquid peanut butter and ponzu sauce which is a citrus-based soya sauce. I can assure you that both are really appetizing =) As for the soup, it has 3 choices: spicy, chicken broth, and traditional seaweed (water awith a big piece of dried seaweed).

As you can see, the place is very clean. You can even bring your vegan friends because the restaurant has a vegetarian combo. The plate includes more than 8 types of asian veggies. When I go out with my best friend (who is vegan), this is always the #1 place we think of for dinner.

Each combo includes an appetizer, a plate of veggies, a plate of meat (unless you order the vegetarian combo, udon (japanese noodle), a choice of broth, 2 sauces, rice, tea, ice cream and iced coffee.
It is possible to order additional plates of anything you want.

If you are interested to see their menu online, here is a link for you:

I highly highly recommend it because I LOVE hot pot!! =)

Hagayaki is situated in the heart of Chinatown in Montreal. Price ranges from $10 CAD - $25 CAD per combo.

Miss K

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