Tuesday, January 5, 2010



How has 2010 been treating you?! School has started yesterday and I have to say that I'm pretty excited about this next semester! I am taking Art History classes now, and I'm looking forward to an official transfer from management in Spring. I've always been into all kinds of art so I know I'll have so much fun!

Anyways, I have swatched anything for a while, as my break was mostly full of family reunions. Needless to say, we ate most of the time... However, I managed to capture a few of my NOTD.

The first is China Glaze Cords-nice metallic taupe. It's beautiful and application was easy and smooth.

Next is Sephora by OPI Ocean Love Potion-creme turquoise. It is very similar to Misa Dirty Sexy Money, only OLP is darker. Unfortunalety, I do not have a comparison shot.

After baking my first batch of cookies, my cousin asked me to bake more (80 cookies!!) for a potluck party she was going to attend. I asked my sister to assist me and we decided to name our bakery Tinix and Arnton's bakery, influenced by Felix and Norton, of course (our family calls us Tina and Annie).

Our second attempt was soooo much better! There looked good and tasted excellent! I followed to recipe and used baking soda and all purpose flour, unlike last time. We're looking to start our cookie business soon ;)

Finally, I got the best gift ever from my cousin!!! A SNUGGIE! It's really the best thing ever! It keeps me warn and is super soft! Plus, a bonus reading light doesn't hurt! I used my Snuggie all the time now! My cousin told me she had wanted to get me the pink or zebra ones, but guess what?! It was SOLD OUT! How crazy is that?! I didn't think people actually liked this... but I'm now a Snuggie convert!
I hope you guys all had a blast celebrating the New Year!
Any New Year's resolution?

Until next time,


  1. I want a Snuggie too! :D

    I haven't seen Snuggies in Europe yet (and shipping cost were just TOO MUCH). I hope we will get those some day too, because I'm freezing all the time ;D

  2. I think your nails look lovely. I especially like Ocean Potion. That is fantastic looking. Your cookies look delicious!