Monday, December 21, 2009

Nu Nails

I emailed Nubar about the color differences between my 2 Nu Nails bottles Sunday and got their response today! Yay for quick customer service! Here's what the email says:

"Dear Xuan-An,

The color difference that you noticed has nothing to do with effect or performance; it is the same formula, it is just that we tried improving the product to make it more appealing to our clientele, and hence the different color.
If I can help you in any other way please let me know."

I actually like the white color more... but whatever floats their boat ;)


  1. Hmm, you would think that they would just name it something different if they changed the color on purpose.

  2. I agree, white looks cleaner. Putting icky yellow stuff on my nails is really not appealing to me.

    Great that they answered so soon though!