Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Rescue Beauty Lounge

So I'm pretty sure you guys all heard about the Rescue Beauty Lounge 50% off event.

Luckily, I was able to get home from my exam on time to buy me some goodies!!!
I wasn't supposed to buy a lot..... but I just couldn't resist!! I'm a sucker for sales, even more for nail polishes on sale!! In addition, I knew international shipping is crazy, but I just heard that my aunt is going to the States next week, so I was able to get it shipped for $8.50 instead of $38.50!!

I spent so much time to decide on which ones I was going to get. I tried to limit myself to only 4 and at one point, had 8 in my cart!! In the end, I settled with 6 bottles haha... Anyways.. who knew spending money like that would make me that happy?!

Here's what i got:
Dead Calm
Black Russian
Au Chocolat
Drifter and

I can't wait to get them!!! I wanted to get Recycle too, but I have Orly Bloom Collection from TransDesign coming, and I didn't want to end up with 2 similar greens.. Hope I won't regret not getting it!

What did you guys get? Please share!


  1. You picked out great colors for you RBL haul!

  2. I love greens so I wouldn't mind if they were similar. I bought 4 or 6. I forget how many!