Monday, December 21, 2009

Orly Spring 2010 Bloom Collection

Look at what the mailman left for me this morning!!!

I got my package from TransDesign: the complete Orly Spring 2010 Bloom Collection! I was so excited, I hadn't bought nail polish in a while and I was aching to get my fix.

Needless to say, I got to swatching right away. Quick swatches and comparison ahead..

Let's start with my least favorite from this collection.

Ginger Lily - burnt orange shimmer. I actually like this color but it doesn't "excited" me.

Blushing Bud - Hot Pink creme. I don't normally like pink-or hot pink- but this one is beautiful. The picture is not really color accurate: it's a tad darker in real life.

Thorned Rose - A dark raspberry creme.

Wild Wisteria - blurple creme. This one is gorgeous. You can see it's purple in all lighting, not black. The first picture is to show you the purple base.

Pure Petunia - Violet creme. Very pretty.

Wandering Wine - gorgeous green creme. This has got to be my favorite from this collection! It's absolutely beautiful!

And now for the comparisons

Pinkie and Middle: Orly Enchanted Forest
Ring and Index: Wandering Wine

Wandering Wine is greener, lighter and less muted. In my opinion, between these 2, Wandering wine is the winner!

Index and Ring: Orly Pure Petunia
Middle: OPI Pamplona Purple
Pinkie: $OPI Domestic Goddess Matte

Pamplona Purple and Pure Petunia is pretty similar, the latter is more pinkish and is lighter in color.

Index: RBL Atame
Middle and Pinkie: Orly Thorned Rose
Ring: Essie Wicked

Thorned Rose has a hint of pink, whereas Atame and Wicked are more red.

Pink and Middle: Zoya Pinta
Index and Ring: Orly Wild Wisteria

In my book, these two are dupes. There might be some slight differences, but you can't really see them unless you really look into it. To be honest, I almost got confused about which color was on which finger.

Overall, I really like this collection. The colors are gorgeous, not necessarily unique, but I still love them all. It seems like the whole collection just goes really well together, all the colors "belong there" and it feels complete. Application was effortless, the formula was very pigmented and the consistency was remarquable. It was perfect: not too thick, but not runny either. Most of the swatches required only 2 coats, except for Thorned Rose, which took 3 coats.

I don't know what was the official launch date for this collection, but it is now avaible on TransDesign and Head2Toe beauty


  1. These are yummy. Ginger Lily is probably my least favourite but I would happily wear any of these.

  2. New reader here, you have great pictures!

    I think I need Wandering wine! Enchanted forest is bit too muted and dark, so this might be my favorite too :)

  3. Hi Nea!
    Thanks for the compliment! Wandering Wine is gorgeous IRL! You should definitely get it!

  4. Hi Xuan-An! I just ordered both Wandering wine & Wild wisteria :D