Thursday, February 24, 2011

Some change on my Orly manicure..

Since I was not very satisfied with the colour application on my nails, I decided to add a stampling to hide the imperfections. I have done this design before already, but I just like it! Does it look nicer?

Finally, I went to that open house thingy at Spa Oasis for a skin test. I brought a friend and my mom, and we all found that there was nothing impressive. The esthetician or skin specialist had a machine to look at our skin..but everything she told us was so o-b-v-i-o-u-s! I mean, I don't need anyone to tell me that eating too oily isn't good for me! And she doesn't point out anything more than what we said already. I know I have blackheads on my nose.. I mean, I told you that! What really bothered me was that lady, who kept pushing my mom to buy this and that. It was a new brand to us, so I'm sorry, I'm not willing to try all 10 products suggested to me, especially when they all cost near 100$! I would not even buy all of them even if it's my favorite brand! Another thing that I really hate is when people have to say how other brands are bad to show how good their products are. Estee Lauder is not good for anti-aging products? Shiseido is not of quality? Yeah right! Ok, I must say not everyone was like that..The majority of women there were actually very nice.. but that lady is enough for me to say NO for a next time!

Miss K


  1. it's pretty like a winter wonderland

  2. I also went to get my nails done at Spa Oasis.
    My mom got a gift certificate for a manicure but she never went, so she gave it to me, and i went instead.
    I thought overall the service was decent. They did treat me really nicely and i found she really took all the time, and i didn't feel like the manicurist was in a rush at all.
    I also had a couple of minutes to sit down and enjoy myself before getting my nails done.
    As for the nails, themselves i would give it a 6.5/10. After taking 1 hour to do them, I found that they were not close to perfection. I spotted many places where i could see my actual nail under my french manicure. I also asked her not to cut my cuticles, but she insisted. I kind of felt uncomfortable with this.
    I would suggest this spa, however I find that it is a bit pricey for something i could probably do on my own...if i had the time.
    However, the nails lasted me a while, which i was happy about.

  3. thank you peripatetic33

    @M. yes.. now I find they ruined my cuticles so much, especially where my nails grow..they look really BAD! I will never never go back!!