Saturday, April 23, 2011

Nails Inc Haymarket

I finally got some time to try my Nails Inc nail polish. This one is called Haymarket. It is a cream turquoise colour. It looks a lot like China Glaze For Audrey but this Nails Inc one is a bit green-er. I've been told that Nails Inc is very popular in Britain so my expectations for this brand was pretty high. Overall, it is not bad. Application was ok smooth, but I felt it was more like paint than nail polish hahahah Ohh one more thing, a good top coat is a must to have a glossy finish touch on Nails Inc nail polishes. For some reason, the colour looks.. I wouldn't say matte but it is definitely not shiny. I've always believed that aperfect manicure should look perfectly smooth and glossy, so to me, this is a big imperfection... but as summer is approaching, it's nice to have this colour on the nails!

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