Monday, April 11, 2011

Raku again!

Last week was my birthday so even though I am in my busy end of semester period, I still managed to go out and have some fun time with my friends. d= I have been talking about Raku Izakaya so much and one of my friends really wanted to try here we are in Raku!

It was a busy night, so we ended up in the basement, which was still very nice and cozy. =) For appetizers, we had..
1) Raku tempura which includes cucomber, sweet potatoes, crab meat, scallop, and shrimp.
2) Sushi pizza. A deep fried rice "cake" as the pizza crust topped with slices of fish sashimi, red caviar, tempura flakes, and mayo. Perhaps I have tried too many sushi pizza, I found this one not bad but ordinary.
This maki is included in our sushi combo.
Tempura roll. Inside is salmon and it is served with a sauce that tastes like sweet soya sauce.
Chirashi! This is probably my favorite dish at Raku. A lot of sashimi and of great variety served on sushi rice. The chef selects the best seafood they have that day so everytime you order it,you enjoy a different chirashi. You get to eat the most fresh sashimi and also try some new stuff that you might have never ordered.

That night, besides the "regular sashimi", we had the chance to try jellyfish sashimi, wasabi tako (raw octopus is so rare!!), abalone sashimi, and a special caviar I forgot the name.
Dessert time! This is a very good mochi ice cream. The green one is green tea flavour and the red one is red bean.
As we became more like friends with the owner, he offered us to try his new dessert that may be added to the menu. Green tea macaron! It was my first time eating macaron, and of course, I liked it =)

Raku Izakaya
8080 Boulevard Taschereau
Brossard, Quebec,
J4X 1C2
(450) 671-7386

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