Sunday, April 24, 2011

Mikasa Sushi Bar

Hi readers!

Today, I want to introduce Mikasa Sushi Bar to you. Mikasa is a very known sushi restaurant in Montreal. I believe they have over 5 franchises. I've been to only 2 of them: on Boulevard Acadie, and the other one in downtown. They all have a very elegant (although not-very-japanese) decor, giving the restaurant a romantic atmostphere. However, a drawback is that the tables are too close to each other in my opinion, so it makes the place a bit noisy and less intimate. But it is possible to get a tatami room, I suggest you call for reservation first and it will be perfect for a family reunion or friends gathering.

This day, we were 4. We ordered a sushi boat for 4 people. It includes nigiri, sashimi and some maki rolls. One of my friends, who just like me, loves to eat, says that Mikasa is good for their rolls. I personally like Mikasa for the traditional sushi. It is true that I never ordered any of the creative rolls, but anyway, I find the nigiri and sashimi are of high quality. Here are some pictures of some yummy sushi I've had. =)

Look at the sushi closer!! Isn't the colour of the fish and seafood really nice? They shine!! They look and taste so fresh!
Since my friend recommends the maki rolls so much, here are some pictures of the maki rolls. I have no idea what is the name of these rolls since they were included in the sushi combo. They look rather normal but are tasteful. If you go to Mikasa's website, you will see other more creative rolls to impress you.

For desserts, this is a trilogie de creme brulee. The three flavours include vanilla, capuccino and green tea. Although I love green tea and desserts of tea flavour, the green tea creme brulee is surprisingly the one I like the least. I think the green tea flavour could have been a bit more enhanced, but it was overall a successful creative dessert that is not too heavy. I recommend the trilogie de creme brulee to everyone who loves desserts that are not too sweet.
My brother, who is an ice cream lover, never forgets to order this dessert in restaurants. This is a trilogie de creme glacee: green tea, mango and red bean flavours.

9835 boul. de l'Acadie
Montreal, Quebec
(514) 336-8282

Miss K

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