Thursday, April 7, 2011

Rescue Beauty Lounge treatment system

These are my nails, using the RBL's full treatment system. I kept this konadicure for 10 days and I find they still look very new after more than a week. I decided to remove it only because we see a "big" part of my naked nails d=

What should I say about RBL treatment system? I absolutely love it!! Besides the good quality of the nail polishes, I really love their special yet simple bottle shape! Unlike the regular treatment with only base coat and top coat, RBL has in addition a pre base coat, which makes their system unique and outstanding. I have always found the most crucial step of doing nails be the nail care part. The secret of a good manicure is simply having a good base coat to protect the nails and let the nail polish stick better to the nail plate. As we should put a lot a lot of cream and cuticle oil, especially during winter, the base coat tends to not stick so well on our nails because of the oily surface. At this point, you will find RBL's pre base coat a genius invention! hahahah And finally, of course, a good top coat is important for the finishing step to protect the manicure and make our nails shiny and perfect.

When I do my manicure now, I always put the pre base coat, base coat, nail polish, and then the top coat. Trust me, I feel more like a professional using RBL's impeccable treatment system d=

For this konadicure, I used Essie Innocent and konad plate m57.

*I'm sorry for the bad quality picture of my nails. It is a .gif image. I don't know why when I upload this picture under .jpeg, it keeps rotating..

Miss K

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