Thursday, March 25, 2010

MAC Wham Bam Glam Swatch and Comparison

Quick swatch for you guys today! I just got this from the MAC Store!! I bought Wham Bam Glam matte polish from the Riveting Collection, which also includes Studded and Black Enough. My intentions were to get Studded, a light silver matte with 'pearls', but since I really wanted to test MAC's matte formula and Studded was sold out, I went with Wham Bam Glam :)

Here it is, over a basecoat (Nubar Nu Nail)! MAC's web-description is very much what this polish is, a cool dark taupe. Application was alright, just like any other matte nail polishes, the formula is a bit on the thicker side, so you have to work with it carefully. Drying time was normal, to as fast as my OPI suedes, but still in a reasonable amount of time.

Pinkie: Sephora by OPI Metro Chic Matte
Ring: OPI You Don't Know Jacques + Essie Matte About You
Middle: OPI Over the Taupe + Essie Matte About You
Index: MAC Wham Bam Glam

I did a quick comparison of WBG with other taupe polishes I had. The closest match - almost a true match - was OPI You Don't Know Jacques topped with Essie Matte About You top coat. The color was so similar, I actually think that if you have YDKJ and MAY, you don't need Wham Bam Glam: you won't need to worry about having ridges as the formulas are much easier to work with.
I do not own You Don't Know Jacques Matte, so couldn't do comparison!]

All in all, I would say that if you intend to pick up a MAC matte nail polish, get Studded!! It's really the only one that stands out from the three. This retails for $14.50CAD and $12 USD!

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  1. Thanks for the comparisons. I have to get YDKJ in the matte formula. I really love that shade of taupe. I'd rather have the OPI brand than MAC.