Monday, March 29, 2010

OPI Ate Berries in the Canaries

This is Ate Berries in the Canaries from OPI Spain Collection. It's a surprisingly bright color-for a fall collection, but I like it! This was 2 coats. The color captured is not accurate: it's much brighter in real life.. I'd describe it as a pink fuchsia, a bright purple-ish pink or a berry pink.

Here's a swatch color from Wikipedia that I think is pretty true to what Ate Berries looks like:

(it's called 'Hollywood Cerise' apparently)


  1. Thats incredibly beautiful purple pink. Love it!

  2. haha, i love the name even thoug i wouldn't wear it

  3. Preety!!
    I tagged you!:)

  4. Many thanks!!!

    amusedPolish, that's what I thought too when I looked at pictures! I just decided to try it once and now, I love it! I'll be wearing it a lot this summer/fall