Sunday, March 28, 2010

Miss K's first Spongicure!!

Alright, so I'm pretty sure you guys are all pretty much tired of seeing my 'unicolored' nails, so I got something different for you today.

My friend (Miss K) just received a sponge to do nail art. She's been waiting and talking about it for so long, I'm glad she finally got it! Here's a first try!

Cute, no? She didn't really like it all that much and REFUSED to let me see her nail in real life.. lol.


  1. I tried using a piece of a kitchen sponge and got all sorts of nasty fibers stuck in the polish. What should I use that is inexpensive?

  2. I use that grey sponge stuff that is used in packing microphones and sound equipment....if there is an electronics store near you, maybe you could buy or ask them for some! I cut it in little pieces and it lasts for a long time....some of it even comes pointed, like egg crates...


  3. I like this, the underwater theme fits the blog name :)