Monday, January 3, 2011

"Princess nails"

Hello readers!

Happy new year! May 2011 bring everyone success and happiness! I hope you all =)
Sorry for the lack of posts these past weeks.. I took a break from school, from everything.. even my nails a little.. I kept my "Merry Christmas!" design for a long time and got a lot of compliments! heheheh

Today, I have something different for all of you! I don't remember since when, I started to like some 3D on my nails. I looked at what I have that is "3D" and found some jewelries like rhinestones and pearls that I got from Toronto and Hong Kong. The nail polish I wore is a Sally Hansen one, with some glitter. I put 2 coats on half (mainly on tip) of my nails and topped off with those rhinestones and pearls.

So this is how I got to this design that I love!! I hope you like this style too!

Miss K

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