Friday, January 14, 2011

"Ready for the wedding"

Hello readers!
I am guessing all students are back to school by now. It has been only 2 weeks that I am back to school but I am already overwhelmed by the readings and assignments.. So today's manicure is a simple one that does not require too much time to accomplish but the result can still be very nice.
As the name suggests, "Ready for the wedding" is a perfect design for brides or simply when you attend a wedding party. The base colour is a pink shimmer from PA nail polish and the tip is a ribbon sticker I bought at Pacific Mall, in Toronto. These ribbon stickers which I need to cut myself require some special attention.

1) the length of sticker you cut must be a little shorter then the width of your nail tip
2) when you put the ribbon sticker, do not stick exactly on the corner of the nails; leave a tiny space
3) before you put the top coat, encure that the sticker really stickes on the nail; it should look "flat"
If you follow all my tips, you should not see the sticker starting to get off.


Miss K


  1. Sorry for the pictures! I do not know why they are rotated and I cannot fix the problem. I will ask Xuan-An to see if she can solve it. Luckily, they are still clear =)

  2. Very pretty and good tips. Thanks for this.

  3. thanks for the tips! i have those ribbon stickers too which i've been wanting to try. :)

  4. good tips and pretty nails too.