Saturday, January 22, 2011

Other nails-related gifts =)

I have been so jealous seeing Xuan-An's MAC gift... Last week-end, I met a friend who had been in exchange for a few months and just came back recently. Among the few little gifts she bought me, I found a few nail polishes! Yay!

Nails Inc is a brand you see everywhere in England according to my friend. As for Bourjois, I have seen the name when I was in Hong Kong..but it was a "eau de gloss". Unlike the other lip glosses, the eau de gloss is not sticky at all and i just love it! I hope the nail polish will not disappoint me!

Miss K

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  1. I have Brompton Place, though it's nearly run out now. Gorgeous colour!

    I love Nails Inc :P It won't disappoint.