Sunday, May 1, 2011

St-Hubert Express

Yes food again! I just finished my last exam two days ago and it was the hardest class.. I'm glad it was the last one so I (supposedly) could focus all my time and energy on it! I'm not sure how I did.. but oh well, now that it's finished, I'm not going to think about it. For now, all I have in mind is simply FOOD =)

I can be lazy for nails sometimes..but when comes about food heheheh I can never be too tired to try out some restaurants d=

Here are some pictures of a St-Hubert Express that has been open for less than a year. Since it is only an Express restaurant, it does not provide the complete menu like the "real" restaurant. However, the "basic" or should I say the most famous dishes are still served here such as the rotisserie chicken, ribs, hot chicken, chicken burger, chicken wrap, etc. Quality of food is satisfactory, portion and price are reasonable. The place is amazingly clean and very comfortable.

Hot chicken combo served with fries, salad and a soft drink.
Chicken burger combo. Not much to say except that the slighly spicy mayo in the burger was tasteful.

1300, Marcel-Laurin
Saint-Laurent, Quebec,
H4R 1J9

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