Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hi my dearest readers!

School has started, and i have a very very early schedule this semester.. Only 2 days, and I feel I am exhausted..but in 2012, I will try my best to blog as regularly and often as i can! =)

Today's post is another one about lunch. This time, it's at my favourite Raku Izakaya. The pictures are really not that nice and probably won't make you drool..However, my other Raku pictures from my previous posts should assure you about the restaurant's quality ; )

Since Brossard is so far, I usually don't go to Raku for lunch. The only time I enjoyed a lunch there was during summer. Recently, I noticed that there has been some changes in their menu.. Take a look! Prices vary from 7.50$ to 15$. You can get a decent lunch for around 12$.

This was the salad that was included. It was a plain green salad. Now, if you want to have a salad with your lunch, you have to pay 1$, so maybe the salad you get will be a little fancier.
Curry Katsu Pork Rice. It is a cutlet of pork, deep fried, served with rice and curry sauce. The Japanese curry is not very spicy. The same is thicker and has a light sweetness. A good Pork Katsu should have the deep fried "batter skin" stick to the pork, and this is an example of a successful one.
This was a yummy sushi platter, with maki and nigiri. You see that Raku is not a restaurant that tries to give you cheap avocado or cucumber maki. Instead, a delicious spicy salmon maki was served on the plate. Otherwise, the big roll was a California roll, and the 4 pieces of nigiri were mainly classic sushi. On that day, we had tuna, shrimp, saba, and slightly "grilled" salmon sushi.
This one is my favourite chirashi. It does not include as much seafood as the dinner chirashi. If I remember correctly, the price for lunch is about 10$ lower. Yet, I could still enjoy my succulent sea urchin.
In the end, a scoop of green tea or red bean ice cream to perfect the lunch.
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