Monday, January 2, 2012

Raku Izakaya

Hello everyone!

One of my 2012's resolutions is to try to blog more often and more regularly =)

Tonight, I want to share with you guys some delights from Raku Izakaya again! Towards the end of the year is the anniversary with my sweet boyfriend. It did not take long before we decided to have our meaningful day at Raku.

For appetizer, we had something light and simple: korokke. It is deep fried mashed potato, served with a slightly spicy mayonnaise. I have had korokke with corn at Raku before. I like the latter better because the corn brings a sweetness to it.
If you have been following my blog for a long time, you know that I had raku lobster once for Valentine's day at Raku Izakaya. For some reason, the owner removed this succulent dish from the menu. Nevertheless, he is very nice and would try his best to satisfy all the customers. We are welcome to call them in advance and pre-order anything we want to eat. He tries to get the freshest ingredient to prepare the delight we want. This is how my boyfriend and I could enjoy the wonderful Raku lobster =)
To prepare the baked Raku lobster, it was not necessary to get the fresh alive lobster. The owner said that even the frozen one would do. So last night's meal included only the lobster tail (if you order lobster sashimi for example, the owner will buy a whole lobster and prepare delights with different parts of the lobster).

The first time, my palate was not as developed..hahhaha I couldn't really tell what exactly was used to make this yummy dish. But this time, my sense of tasting has improved hehehhe In the Raku Lobster, I could taste egg, miso, mayonnaise, a little bit of cheese. All this baked and finally topped with some red caviar that pops in your mouth. I found it was so delicious!
Sushi is definitely a must at a japanese restaurant. These are what we ordered:
Carnivore maki includes beef filet mignon sashimi, ginger, tempura flakes. It is 13.50$ and comes with only 5 pieces but it is amazingly delicious!! If you find this maki too pricey, a great alternative would be Raku's beef sashimi.
666 is a maki from Raku that for the first time, I did not really enjoy. It is a spicy roll, with spicy fish, spicy sauce..mixed with avocado and tempura flakes are a combination that I usually like. However, the cajun powder on the rice was too strong for me, and this was what I disliked.
Gozilla was a nice maki roll, but it is not the best from Raku Izakaya. Inside were grilled eel, caviar, cucumber, tempura flakes. On top of the maki were bonito flakes, seaweed flakes and spicy mayonnaise. I would say that when I put the maki in the mouth, it was as though I was eating a takoyaki.
We can never forget about my favourite uni, sea urchin sushi at Raku. We ordered 4 nigiri and again, my boyfriend was sweet enough to eat only 1 and leave the rest of the sushi for me. Sometimes, I wonder if it is truly because he is this lovely or is it simply because he does not love uni as much as I do.. d=
Lastly, we also pre-ordered the milk pudding that was no longer in the menu for a while.
Again, it was very soft, but this time a little sweeter for my taste. The presentation was so cute! I remember that the first time we had it, the pudding had a layer of green tea milk on top, this time it was just plain...I think green tea milk would have made the dessert perfect!

Raku Izakaya
8080 boulevard Taschereau
Brossard, Quebec
J4X 1C2

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  1. Once again, looking at your posts makes me feel very VERY VERY hungry. The food you picked looks absolutely delicious and particularly succulent.

    Although Raku is very expensive (too much for my poor wallet), everytime I look at your posts about it, I really want to go! Hopefully i can once i get a little bit more money : P

    The Raku lobster, carnivore maki and the uni nigiri were my favorite! I hope that one day, i can try them and taste their deliciousness for myself!

    Even when im in a rush to leave, I always try to check if you made any new posts because it is always so wonderful! Thank you miss k!