Monday, January 23, 2012

Japon Sushi Bar

Hi readers!

Anyone needs ideas for a romantic dinner for the coming-soon Valentine's Day? Tonight, I want to share with you the wonderful meal my boyfriend and I had at a Japanese restaurant two years ago. It was our first Valentine's Day, and I remember we had a quiz the next day...To make things easier, we simply chose a restaurant that was not too far from where we live. And surprise! What a delicious dinner!

The name of the restaurant is Japon. It is not a place that I particularly love, but their Valentine's menu was sooo good. This was the menu placed on the table and inside was a candle. Of course, candles are a must to make a romantic dinner heheheh It was an omakase 5 courses dinner, priced 48$ per person. I found every course very special, they were all dishes that you cannot find in the menu in regular time.
Unfortunately, I took only 2 pictures...but overall, I enjoyed everything I ate. This one was the main course, a mixed of traditional and creative sushi platter. Yummmmy!! My favourite ones were no doubt the grilled beef sushi and the crab sushi. It was 2 years ago, but I still remember the smokiness I smelled and tasted in every bite. Succulent!
I have always found that desserts were never very emphasized in the Asian cuisine, but voila my surprise =) Japon Sushi Bar is more like a fusion restaurant, especially this Valentine's menu had a lot of non-asian elements in it, such as gazpacho, etc. I personally find this "Indecent Proposal" came in a very simple but elegant presentation. It looks like the type of plate you would get in those Iron Chef show. I completely fell in love with it. Every part in the plat was not too sweet, refreshing and delightful. It was an unexpected and unforgettable surprise!

Any of you has tried Japon Sushi Bar before? I am usually not a big fan of the restaurant, it is rather an ok place to me, but this Valentine's menu, I am willing to give it a 4.5 stars! d=

Japon Sushi Bar
1320 Boul. Marcel-Laurin
Ville Saint-Laurent, Quebec,
H4R 1J9


  1. WOW! to remember the smokiness in every bite is really impressive!!!!!!!!! I have actually never heard of japon sushi bar but everything looks so artistic and succulent! yummmers! Thanks for another great post even though you are busy with school (in your last post you mentioned it) miss k ! : D

    Happy Valentines day as well : D

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