Thursday, January 5, 2012

Lunch specials @Ottavio

Hi everyone!

The coming posts will be all about lunch specials at various restaurants. The first one I present to you is Ottavio.

Ottavio is an Italian restaurant specialized in pasta, pizza and mussels & fries. I have tried all of them and they all taste delicious. I personally find that Ottavio makes the best pasta. The spaghetti or penne is never never too cooked, it's something that many restaurants fail to do. You can find Ottavio at 2 locations: Saint-Laurent and Laval. The first Ottavio was open in ville St-Laurent. After about a year, the owner could open another one in Laval because of the great success of the first restaurant.

The place itself is very big and the personnel is always very friendly. Prices are very affordable and all the main dishes usually come in more than enough proportion. Today's post will be about Ottavio's lunch specials.

The basic pasta is 9$, with tea or coffee included. You get to make your own pasta, meaning that you choose the pasta, the sauce and anything you want in it. For meat, you have to add 2$-3$, but you don't have to add meat if you want to go with a simple cheap lunch. You get to choose up to 3 vegetables with the basic 9$. If you want a more complete lunch, you can get a soup for 2$, or a salad for 2$, and even unlimited soft drinks for 2$.

Here are 3 examples of pasta I or my friend created d=

Take a look at their menu. I find the basic 9$ or even 11$ with a soup or salad is a very good deal.

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  1. Ive gone to ottavio before and I must say, they give a large amount of portion for the price!

    I really like it there since I find a lot of the time, you get great pasta for a great price!

    Last time, i tried penne and I must agree with you that it is never too cooked! I love it!
    Thanks miss k : )