Saturday, January 7, 2012

Lunch specials @Hyang Jin

Hyang Jin's lunch bentos are all $9.95 +tax. Other choices include Hwe Dup Bap, soup udon, etc. These prices range from $6.95 to $12.95 +tax. All lunch specials come with a miso soup or a salad, a side dish of seaweed or kimchi, an ice cream.

This is the miso soup. I love it when it comes super boiling hot, with a lot of green onions and seaweed.
This is the sashimi bento. The bento comes with rice, salad, and a lot of vegetable and shrimp tempura. There are other bentos such as beef teriyaki bento, california roll bento, sushi bento. They are all delicious! If you like tempura, this Hyang Jin bento is definitely the lunch for you. For only about 10$, you get to eat your tempura with choice of another Japanese dish.
I like to have a light lunch. And since I love sashimi so much, I almost always get the sashimi set. It comes like this, beautiful and colourful. This day, the portion was slightly smaller...but I still love it!
Bibimbap is the famous Korean rice on a hot stone bowl. It is part of Hyang Jin's lunch menu, and it is priced for only $9.99 +tax. Inside are beef and many traditional marinated veggies. It is yummy too, and it's the one that my boyfriend usually gets. For hot dish lovers, this might be a good choice.
A scoop of ice cream comes in the end. Usually, you get to choose between green tea ice cream and red bean ice cream, and occasionally, Hyang Jin serves mango ice cream as well.
Has any of you tried Hyang Jin during lunch time? What do you think?


  1. I love hyang jin! My friend brought me there once and ever since then, Ive been hooked! I love the place! Their lunch special i find, is an amazing deal! You get a lot for a good price : D I love I love. Thank you miss K

  2. This seems really good and reasonably priced! Pity I don't live even in the same country :P