Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Miss K Spongicure and China Glaze Custom Kicks

Hii!! Taking a break from studying and writing essay papers to post a quick up update!

Miss K did another spongicure recently, using Orly Cashmere Cardigan as a base. She topped it with a silver glitter polish! Cute!

Last week, I had worm China Glaze Custom Kicks. It's a bright teal with gold shimmer. If you enlarge the picture, I believe you can see the tiny flecks! Pretty!

Not polish related, but I was wondering if any of my readers are going to attend Coachella in a few days?! [I wish I could be there... damn exams. It's definitely on my bucket list, though! I want to attend all the major music festivals around the world! Woo!] If you are going to Coachella, I want to see pictures (make me jealous) !! ;)

Take care!


  1. Good pix. I didn't know Custom Kicks had gold shimmer. You did very well to capture that - I thought it was a flat creme. May need it...

  2. ...and I'm taking a break from writing papers to read blogs :)

    The Custom kicks is gorgeous.

  3. Thanks jaljen! I was happy I was able to capture the shimmer, but the color captured is not very accurate :S

    Lol Amanda!! it's alright. I do the same.. I always get distracted so easily!

  4. Custom Kicks looks great on you!
    Do you know of anywhere to buy China Glaze in Montreal? (and if you do, how much do they cost?)