Saturday, April 10, 2010


Hey guys!!!

I hope you all had a real good Easter weekend!

I'm so sorry for the serious lack of updates. Finals are coming up and I have so many papers to write for my courses!! Spending my weekend away and without my computer definitely made it a bit harder on me (I'm a big procrastinator, I just love to work under pressure!).

However, it's the weekend again so I'll just take a little time to show something new!

Essie Rockstar Skinny, a dark brownish red with a subtle shimmer. I love this color!! Very sexy haha!! My picture doesn't do it any justice, though. I'll have to try to get a better one...

Also, here's Miss K's konadicure from last week:
Before leaving last week, I lent my friend Miss K a few nail polishes to do her nails, so I'll have that to show you the next few days! Hopefully, I'll get my nail polishes back!! I heard she REALLY like China Glaze's Agent Lavender....

Before I forget, I just really wanted to thank every person that has commented on my 'help a blogger' post! You guys gave me some great suggestions! I'll look for some pictures and show them all to my cousin. Hopefully, there's at least one of them that she likes! I will also be keeping the konading idea in mind.
I'll keep you guys updated, and will definitely post some pictures!!

Have a great weekend everybody!!

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