Friday, April 2, 2010

NP Blogger needs your help!!

Happy Easter everyone!!!

I need your help today. My dear cousin is getting married this July and her theme is lavender and light blue, like so:

She has asked me to do her nails, and I cannot be happier!! (I'll also be a junior bridesmaid, so I'm stoked!!)

She would like a subtle purple color on her nails (preferably creme). I was thinking maybe a lavender jelly or a sheer purple. I don't have any polishes that fits those characteristics, but I was thinking something along the line of Zoya Miley or Orly Bon Bon.

So I'm asking you, dear readers and fellow bloggers for your help.

Do you have a polish to recommend or suggest? any would be polish that you think fits what we're looking for is greatly appreciated!! Just leave the name in the comments and I'll check it out!

I was also thinking that I could do my own mix, but if I could buy one, it'd be so much more easier!!

Thank you all!!!


  1. Orly Cashmere Cardigan is a really pretty periwinkle creme. Not sure if that's what you're looking for, but either way, it's a gorgeous color! :]

  2. Try, China Glaze's Light As Air ( a very light lavender creme <3 coats> and add a small little konad) Good luck!!!

  3. I totally agree with Anstah.

  4. Not a cream, but ChG rainstorm is a jelly periwinkle with subtle microglitter.

  5. Orly Bon Bon sounds like the description of what she wants but it's a very difficult color to pull off so I agree with Anstah that China Glaze Light as Air would be a better choice.
    You could show her swatch pictures of both colors and see what she thinks.

  6. LIght as Air is lovely but I would also recommend Zoya Malia. And some smart hearts/flowers from Konad in white or silver would be so pretty.

  7. Yay!! how nice that she is letting you to do her nails!, dont forget to show us pics ;).
    I agree with Jean Orly cashmere cardigan it's my fave.

  8. OPI Done Out In Deco?

  9. CG Light as Air
    Orly Cashmere Creme
    Essie -Lilacism or Neo Whimiscal

  10. Essie Lilacism would be cool but application is too tricky so I don't recommend it. If she really wants opacity, ChG Light as Air might be great. If she wants a more subtle effect, I'd say Zoya "Miley", definitively. It's a jelly sheer soft lilac but you can build up the opacity if you like. It's not streaky at all, applies wonderfully , very glossy and it looks fresh and elegant. :)

  11. You can also try Essie's St. Lucia Lilac (I think that is the name).

    Good luck! It's nice to see a bride willing to depart from a traditional french for her nails on her big day!

  12. CG Light As Air seems to be in favor. I haven't tried it myself but all the blog reviews seem to point you in that direction.

    On my big day, (if I would be able to relive it) I would try some nail art as well. Konad obviously has a lot of beautiful nail stickers, with pearls, gems and "jewels".
    For a good picture source, check out The Nailphile. Myself, I would think a soft lavender would be lovely, with maybe a pearl sticker on the ring fingers..

    Good luck!