Saturday, February 12, 2011

Romantic Dinner @Raku Izakaya

Raku Izakaya is one of my top favorite restaurants. Located in Brossard, Quebec, it is small but gives you such a warm and romantic atmostphere. The owner is so friendly and service is just impeccable!

Here are (a lot of) pictures of the delicious food my boyfriend and I had last night for Valentine's Day! =)

This is a mini uni (sea urchin) bowl. Rice + seaweed + sea urchin! So far, I find Raku has the best quality uni. If you never tried this seafood, I can tell you its texture is not firm like most of the fishes and clams. I do not eat it very often because it is very expensive (hahah) and not a lot of restaurants in Montreal offer it. And if you happen to eat a not good quality/fresh uni, it has a very unpleasant fishy taste and this is why some people who were unlucky to have those as their first try don't like it (like my boyfriend..) BUT if you try a sea urchin Raku serves? ohhh you taste the sweet freshness of uni!
This one is from the surf and turf combo. It is called Hokkaido cream cake. Outside crispy and inside soft and a little sweet because there is corn.

Lobster Raku! So much more delicious than what I expected! There is some mayo, some miso.. but I can't really tell what other secret ingredients the owner used..but the combination was just fantastic!
Surf and turf: Lobster and filet mignon. Presentation is amazing isn't it?
Some sushi.. this is called Raku Love. I usually don't like fruits in my makis.. but this one is soooooooooo soooooooooooooooooooo delicious! Sashimi outside, and there were apple, mandarins which made it a little sweet but in the same time, there was I believe some spicy mayo that gave some spicyness. Needless to say that the presentation surprised me!
Scallop and tsubugai (some kind of shellfish). It is worth saying that the owner buys the fishes every one or two days and a lot of the ingredients come directly from Japan. What can I say more? Fresh!
Dessert time! My boyfriend fell in love with this one and we were then told that it is the best seller of the restaurant in the dessert menu. Sapporo ice cream.
Milk pudding topped with green tea milk and chocolate syrup I think. The owner said he is still trying to buy the famous Hokkaido milk from Japan (I can't wait!! I heard milk over there is really special and really really good). This one is made of regular milk here..but still very soft and not too sweet which I love! =)
This was my wonderful dinner last night. If you are from Montreal or one day happen to be in town and are looking for a good sushi place, Raku Izakaya is definitely the place to go! The restaurant offers many authentic Japanese food and the owner continues to add other delights in the menu.

Raku Izakaya
8080 Boulevard Taschereau
Brossard, Quebec,
J4X 1C2
(450) 671-7386

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  1. They all look too good to eat. The Sapporo ice cream looks so cute, does it taste anything like the beer? :P