Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Manicure @Spa Oasis

As I mentioned, I really couldn't stand those dead skin anymore.. so I went for a manicure to rescue my dehydrated hands!

Spa Oasis is very small when you look from the outside. But as soon as you put your feet in the store, you see it is a place for spa!! Very nice and comfortable place.. and they have 2 floors! The owner took my jacket and gave me shoes to change..almost like a high-end spa! My boyfriend came with me because we planned to go dinner right after. He came to the room for mani and pedi with us and there were nice sofa and TV for him.

The colour I picked was a sky blue from Orly. I remember the name was Rose-Coloured Glasses, but after I googled it.. isn't it a pink colour?? Anyway, I have to say that I was disappointed because application was not very impressive..I noticed that the lady didn't paint my whole nailS! I have to emphasize nailS because it is on almost every nail!! In my pictures, they are not very visible, but trust me, in real life, you do see them!! Seriously, how can this happen at a professional salon?

Nevertheless, there is still something worth recommending. The manicure was not THAT bad because she spent over an hour to remove all my bad cuticles! Usually, you soak your hands in water once..but I did 3 times yesterday! The person really took her time and I greatly appreciated that (I came mainly for this right?). She was also very friendly and sociable. As I was the last customer, she gave me a mini tour of the place and I was really amazed by what I saw behind those black doors! She also told me they have an open house this Thursday, and of course I signed up for it =) Hopefully, I will be able to take some pictures of the place and show to you all!

847 boulevard Decarie
(514) 747-1111

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