Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sushi Lunch @ Takara


Finally, here is the first post about food! Yummy sushi!!

This Takara restaurant is located in the heart of downtown, Montreal. Nice Japanese staff, decent decor, tatami available =) Lunch is about 20 CAD$ with tax and tips, which I believe it's reasonable for eating japanese food at nice restaurant in Montreal. Soup, salad and tea included too (I just hate those asian places where they charge for tea..).

This place has more than 20 choices in the lunch menu. If you are not like me, a fan of raw food (heheheh I looooove sashimi), there are soup udon and teriyaki plates as well. This one is Sushi and Sashimi. Beautiful colours!! The only thing that disappointed me was the rice that was a little hard and too much vinegar. Next time I will go with Sashimi only =)

Miss K

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