Thursday, December 1, 2011

Cake Beauty

Dear readers,

Winter is definitely here. We must take i-n-t-e-n-s-e care of our beautiful hands. This is probably the philosophy I remember the most from Ji's "Rescue Your Nails" book d=

So a few days ago, I was shopping at Sephora, was not looking specifically for anything, and wow! I discovered my new love: Cake Beauty.

Cake Beauty may sound new to some of you, but the company is actually quite big. Their distributors are everywhere, from Canada to US, Europe to Asia, and even in Australia.

What I ended up getting from the store was a set of 3 hand creams, which are awfully expensive if you buy them separately! Each of them is 100ml and it costs 18$ each (tax excluded). This set is 36$ +tax. But the fragrance..oh! The cream smells heavenly mild and sweet. As the name suggests, the products are very "cake-related". You see sugar, vanilla, raspberry in most of them. I usually dislike my hands to smell like food, but Cake Beauty's hand cream is very mild and even I fell in love with it.

Here is the box with the 3 cute bottles of cream. Cute isn't it? Very clearly, the company targets mainly the young girls population who look for cute packaging. This is a special set for the Christmas holidays. I checked on their website and it is sadly out of stock already! I am hoping to go back to Sephora some time soon to get another box d=
Cake Beauty does not only offer lovely packaging, but the cream is also of high quality. I love the softness and moisture the cream feeds to my hands. The one I am currently using is the Un-sweet cream (the first one from the right in the picture). This Un-sweet line promotes no scent and no colour. Although it says un-scented, a very mild scent is still there. I just can't stop using it! The velveteen hand cream is "vitamin packed and blended with milk, marshmallow extract, mango and shea butters". Amazing! What I love the most is that after putting the cream, my hands feel pleasantly nourished, moisturized, ultra soft and NON-greasy! Totally love it!!
I cannot wait to use the other 2 bottles, with other fragrance! I just hope I get another box very soon......... d= The #1 cream I recommend!

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