Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Juara facial scrub

At Spa Espace Nomad, I discovered the most amazing facial scrub! As I mentioned in my previous spa post, my skin was as soft as a baby after my half facial at Espace Nomad. The one they used (the one my friend and I could not resist buying) is this wonderful Juara rice facial scrub.
This facial scrub has a pleasant spa scent, and you can smell it as soon as you open the box. =) Juara uses traditional Indonesian herbal recipes to formulate their skin care products. The use of only botanicals like rice, turmeric, and teas makes them an 100% vegetarian brand. I've heard that rice had some secret magic that makes your skin better, but I never imagined it would be thaaaat good! heheheh

About this amount is sufficient for the face and neck area.
Although it is a scrub, this one is very gentle. As you massage it on your skin with water, it becomes like foam, but you still see and feel the scrub, small like sugar. It looks like many other cleanser scrub, but Juara's facial scrub really works. I can feel my face getting exfoliated with such meticulous care! Even my "rough" blackheads regions are soo smooth after using this marvellous exfoliator. It cleanses and softens your skin to make it incredibly smoother. It is truly truly amazing!
I brought it home, and even my mom fell in love with it after her first use. If you are looking for a gentle facial exfoliator that works, I believe this is one of the best products in the market.

Juara facial scrub is priced 37$ but since you will be using a small amount every time (and you should not exfoliate your face every single day), the product will last for a good few months. I think it is worth the price because I really feel the difference. This is no doubt the #1 facial product I recommend. =)

I tried to take a clear picture of the scrub, but did not succeed... I will try to take a better one next time =)


  1. I tried the cream before. It was wonderful :)

  2. From the picture it looks kind of like a honey+sugar recipe but I'm sure from your recommendation it's really good!
    Can you also recommend a good facial moisturizer if you use it? Especially since it's winter T__T (winter..sigh)