Thursday, December 29, 2011

Winter food @Chez Hwang

Yesterday, I went out to have a supper with my boyfriend at Chez Hwang. Last time we went there, we saw some people have hot pot and it looked delicious! So this time, instead of ordering the Korean BBQ, we opted for the hot pot.

This is the appetizer we had. It is Korean sausage with vegetables.
I believe they used some chili paste, as it is a very common ingredient employed in Korean cuisine, and I could taste a slight spiciness. The sausage, surprisingly, had a not very firm texture. There was jap chae, the potato noodle, and some vegetables inside. I couldn't tell what meat they put, but overall, you taste and see mainly the transparent noodles. I am not sure if I really liked it, but it was still a good new try.
Both my boyfriend and I found the vegetables succulent. The green vegetables you see were my favourite! Very tasty and crunchy!
Very colourful dish, isn't it?
The hot pot we chose was Bulgogi (very tasty marinated beef) and Octopus hot pot. It is a pot for 2, priced 29.99$. It came like this, with all the food put in already.
As I mentioned in my previous posts, Chez Hwang really is no.1 in Korean BBQ in Montreal. Their bulgogi is the b-e-s-t! Even when the beef is cooked in a soup, it is delicious! The octopus, on the other hand, was a little chewy, but it was acceptable.
You find all this in the hot pot: beef, octopus, cabbage, green onions, cucumber, the green vegetable I like, firm tofu, and my favourite udon =)
A drawback is that since all the food are put in the pot at once, some veggies will be overcooked and I don't like to eat mushy veggies..Overall, it was still a great experience having hot pot at Chez Hwang. Will I order it a second time? The bulgogi in the soup really reminded me of their wonderful I think I will still go for their Korean BBQ next time I go =)

Chez Hwang
5545 Upper Lachine,
Montreal, Quebec,
H4A 2A5

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  1. Mhmmm man your picture taking ability is always so amazing because everytime i look at your pictures, i start to drool... LOL.. it looks very good.
    I agree with your hot pot comment about being in the pot all at once and some things being overcooked, I feel the exact same way especially about the meat : P

    Once again, a wonderful post miss k :3